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 age in Heaven

I am wondering what our age in Heaven will be? Do we remain in the age the day we die, or we became all young in resurrected body? It just cross my mind...

 2017/9/16 14:53

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 Re: age in Heaven

John 21:12 Now none of the disciples dared ask him, “Who are you?” They knew it was the Lord.

It will be exactly like that. We will be different enough to warrant a second look, but we will still be recognizable


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 Re: age in Heaven

The numerologists haven't given us an answer to that one just yet. I think they're going to have that one figured out on September 22.

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 Re: age in Heaven

This is pure supposition on my part :) but from reading books and listening to people describe their dreams of the elderly, when they've dreamed about these folks, they've been in their early 30's.

There is no Bible verse that points to this and it's not a heaven or hell issue but I lean towards there is no imperfectness in heaven (arthritis, sickness, blindness, suffering, weeping, etc but also no old age) but that is just me. Only God knows.

God bless,


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 Re: age in Heaven

Hi Emestiu,
I think Heaven is outside time,God can see the start,middle and end as the same.Age is just a measure of time,so is from the domain of time and heaven is outside this.So in that sense I think we wont be any age,we will be ageless.Their is no decay in heaven either,Just my thoughts staff

 2017/9/17 10:36Profile

 Thank You

Thank you for all your shared thoughts, Saints :)

 2017/9/17 16:04

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