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 Jews are leaving France in record numbers

French Jews are fleeing the country at an unprecedented rate amid rising anti-Semitism and fears of more Isis-inspired assaults and mass casualty terror attacks.

More than 8,000 Jews left France for Israel in 2015 – a rate far higher than anywhere else in Europe but consistent with what over the past few years has become the largest mass movement of Jews since the formation of Israel in 1948.

The overriding reason Jews cite for leaving France as a steady rise in the rate of anti-Semitism over the past 15 years. ...

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 Re: Jews are leaving France in record numbers

This is a real ongoing reality. I remember posting about this a year ago under the exact same title. In the whirlwind of the news, it's easy to lose sight of the rising antisemetism. I wonder how long it will be until the Spirit starts leading those called to care for them elsewhere. I think too it may be just a matter of time until the places of refuge God has set up are called into action.

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 Re: Jews are leaving France in record numbers and...


Americans leaving US in record numbers —

A new study shows that more US citizens than ever before are living outside of the country ... Americans leaving US in record numbers...A record number of Americans are renouncing their citizenship ...

Christians Leaving Mideast in Record Numbers -

Christians are leaving the Middle East in record numbers, driven out by terrorism by the Islamic State and laws in countries the U.S. considers allies.

People Are Leaving California In Record Numbers -

... People Are Leaving California In Record Numbers . ... because they set the trends for the entire country, ... Are Leaving California In Record Numbers

Puerto Ricans leaving island for U.S. in record numbers - CNN reports

Puerto Ricans are leaving the island for the ... leaving island for U.S. in record numbers. ... factor pushing people towards leaving Puerto Rico ...

People Are Fleeing Chicago In Record Numbers - This Is Why!

People Are Fleeing Chicago In Record Numbers ... There are currently a whopping 89,000 more people leaving Chicago to other portions of the country...

And...the list goes on...

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savannah said..."Americans leaving US in record numbers" Hopefully they're Democrats... :-)


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Your post is completely out of context and uncalled for.
Why would you want to diminish anti-semitism, which is why these Jewish people are leaving France???

I know you don't see any place for Israel and the Jews in God's plan for the future, but that is no excuse for your post. Please consider your motive.


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 Re: motive

"Please consider your motive"

My motive is NOT "to diminish antisemitism."

You say to me,"Your post is completely out of context and uncalled for."

But I say to you, your post is completely out of context and uncalled for.

I am not a racist! All men (ethnically) are created equal.

There's only one race, mankind. And there's only one people of God who are His children. The blood of Yeshua alone is what makes the difference between individuals.

You ought not read posts through any other blood-stained glasses.

Not by race, not by human blood, but by His Spirit!

Only then can we see(perceive) the Kingdom of God, when we've been born from above and are now named a family member of heaven.

Praise be to God our Father, and our Lord and Savior Yeshua!

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I've always been taught I was saved through a covenant made with THEM (the Jews). I've always been taught that it is not exalting the Jews above measure (since the choice of them came from God's sovereign grace alone) to acknowledge and give a special place of honor to them. Honoring the Jews, even in their unbelief, can be a way of honoring them and the God who chose them in the first place. I remain forever mindful of the Jewish race and the covenant of salvation made with THEM. I maintain an attitude of honor toward them thus honoring God.

"You worship what you do not know; WE (the Jews) know what we worship, for SALVATION IS OF THE JEWS (through a covenant made with them). But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such go worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth." (John 4:22-24)

I thank the Lord always I now know what I worship and can worship in spirit and truth because of a covenant made with the Jews. Sure there is only one race on the earth - human beings, humankind. Yet among the common ethnicity of mankind the Jews will always maintain a special place of distinction and honor. Salvation is of the Jews. Bless the name of the Everlasting God that He chose it so.

David Winter

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