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That's an important point Heydave. The revenue not the content have been removed. This is all happening all across YouTube to the godly and ungodly. This doesn't mean it isn't a trial for Dr. Michael Brown. Perhaps the Lord allowed this to show Dr. Brown His mighty arm or simply that he had started to rely on the arm of the flesh. What is not said but might possibility be implied is that Dr. Brown and related ministry saw the opportunity to make a small income from the videos it cost them hundreds or thousands of dollars to make and thought this was a great way to lessen the financial burden of the ministry that they shared about with those that support them financially. As with any income, especially a growing one, they may have embarked on extra projects because they had more income than anticipated. I assume the purpose was well intended but like rest of us, they are subject to every temptation of man. The scenario I described is common to just about every moderately successful channel on YouTube. I must have heard the tale 20 times as people scramble to find alternative income sources. The common mantra these days is "advertiser friendly content." The world and economy of YouTube is very complex full corporations, agreements, insurance plans, lobbying groups and drama most miss out on.

I hope to see Dr. Brown come out of this ready for the next step and not cowtowing to the spirit of the age.

 2017/8/22 11:50Profile

 the advertiser do not want this topic = demonetization

I just watched a video that a lot of people who are making money out of Youtube have been affected by demonetization. It is not only for people preaching the Gospel like Dr. Brown but for people using their channel for speaking a "sensitive topic"...

 2017/8/22 13:00

 where money goes?

It stated in the article:

"We are a non-profit ministry, and every dime that comes in goes back into ministry work."

... this is good thing if the earning is used for the spreading of the Gospel, but if Dr. Brown use this for personal gain, then therein lies the problem..

"Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a [a]stricter judgment."

~ James 3:1

 2017/8/22 13:29

 Re: where money goes?

If one does a Google search of the richest pastors in America. Dr Michael Brown does not make the list. So can anybody blame him for trying to raise money through YouTube if the money was going for ministry.

It seems that dr. Michael Brown has more credibility in finances than a lot of the so-called evangelical pastors.

I was surprised to learn that dr. Charles Stanley and dr. John MacArthur are rated as millionaire pastors. However they have a long way to go to match Kenneth Hagin (or is that Kenneth Copelin) who is worth about a half a billion dollars. That is if I read the estimate right.

But then I guess it's all relative if you have a million here or there.. I can't even comprehend that amount.

Interesting Jesus says that the foxes have holes and a birds have Nest but the son of man has no place to lay his head. Many of the Apostles live lifestyles of homelessness and poverty. Particular the Apostle Paul. Many of the anabaptist Brethren lived in poverty. Yet the modern-day preachers in a millionaire class live a lifestyle that even Jesus himself did not live.

One wonders. What is wrong with this picture?

Bro Blaine

 2017/8/22 15:10

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