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Scientist also have this 3 parents embryos that will make a baby, instead of just the original one male and one female genes/DNA together (God's design) to create an offspring...

They go too far sometimes...

 2017/8/5 14:08

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 Re: ...also

Well I am not talking about embryo creation which I agree is evil but rather curing disease via gene therapy.


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Genetic materials can be intentionally engineered, this is a fact, it is made that way. By this we can amend, mitigate, or stop conditions that afflicts livimg things.

Whether that is a curse that we should avoid messing with or a marvelous reality that we should thank for and ask wisdom, both technical and ethical.

God is sovereign, he sets the boundaries of human pursuits and activities that no man should boast. Those who despise Him will meet their tragic end but those who acknowledge and fear Him will find mercy. The world is heading to destruction, these developments & discoveries are not going to save it from the purposes of God.

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 Re: Violation of boundries

Created being (human) entering into the boundary of creator (God) is dangerous, it is like playing with fire what I mean is consequences connected with. May God frustrate their endeavors and expose their foolishness.


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