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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : we talked about Mary.....

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 we talked about Mary.....

My husband and I visited his friend and his wife...

This friend of my husband is very devoted Catholic. While we are eating in dining table, we suddenly talked about Mary, the mother of Jesus, when she conceived Jesus by the Holy Spirit, and I brought up to him that a preacher preached if in 21st century, if God can find a similar woman like Mary, and he responded to me that it would be a hard find in this generation. And he asked me who is the preacher I am talking about, and I responded to him, the name of the preacher is Zac Poonen... he immediately show great interest of Zac Poonen preaching, and told me that he loves listening to sermons and he likes to check what Zac Poonen had to say, and he noted Zac Poonen name in his phone...

I know that Catholicism has very twisted practice and falsehood teaching but I do not want to debate and argue with him that what he believe is a lie. I honestly do not have a boldness to tell to people that what they believe is wrong. But if situation arises that I am able to share my faith, I am willingly without hesitation to tell it.

Saints, please pray for this devoted catholic man that he will find the truth through Zac Poonen's teaching...

 2017/7/29 16:47

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 Re: we talked about Mary.....

Hello Sister:

What a wonderful door and opportunity the Lord has given you and your husband. As someone who has come out of Catholicism I would encourage not to be intimidated or feel compelled to bring up their doctrine at all. I promise you that if you focus on sharing the pure gospel and word of God it will be through that where you will find harmony.

All God wants you to do is to love these people and share the love of God with them. He has already opened a door for you to share Zac Poonen with them and will put on your heart to share scriptures and maybe additional material the Lord puts on your heart.

If questions about doctrine, theology arise, believe God to give you the written word and have your bible handy. The best way and a proven way that works is to open to that scripture even if you can quote it from your heart have your friend READ the scripture.

Telling them their doctrine/theology is wrong will only build walls. If you keep Jesus Christ, the word, and the fact that God loves them the focus, this is what will prick their heart.

Then believe God to speak to them in the night watches. The Holy Spirit will speak to them the scriptures you share and He will open their eyes to the error of the Catholic doctrine.

I have seen MANY Catholics come to Christ and He is continuing to open doors for them to be reached.

I will remember you and your husband and his friends that God will give you wisdom in sharing Jesus with them.

Brother Dave

David Fella

 2017/7/29 17:23Profile

 To Brother David

Thank you for your insight brother David :)

 2017/7/29 17:30

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