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 Favorite preacher or sermon on Sermonindex

Do you have a favorite preacher or sermon from the website?

When I first came to the forum I listen to Paris Reidhead's '10 shekels and a shirt'. It left me shaken and a bit fearful. Then I listen again and I found myself trembling again. I would say it is my most memorable sermon on here. I come back to it on occasion.

I don't have a favorite preacher but I often like some of the messages of David Wilkerson and Leonard Ravenhill.


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 Re: Favorite preacher or sermon on Sermonindex

None of the old pastors can really minister to me, about the only pastor I can listen to nowadays is Charles Stanley. Now this doesn't mean these other pastors here are not great, and great men of God. I'm sure they all are wonderful pastors, but you said favorite. :-) I used to listen to Adrian Rogers, he has passed now, I've never witnessed any pastor in my life that showed more Love for the Lord in all his sermons, than pastor Adrian Rogers. These are just personal preferences. With me personally, it's the Pastors voice, and his type of preaching that draws me in, some of the older Pastors, I just have a problem with their voice, their message is good, maybe I'm just to picky, but it's just the honest truth.


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 Re: Favorite preacher or sermon on Sermonindex

My ultimate favorite preacher is Zac Poonen...

... he is preaching the Gospel with so much life, love and passion...

.. his preaching tremendously affects my Christian walk...

... I am eternally grateful for God for providing a preacher like Brother Zac in our generation...

 2017/7/21 18:41

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Art Katz. He challenges my intellect and my spirit because of the depth and the anointing of his speaking. He has the same effect on my wife. I wish I could have seen him speak in person.

I like a lot of his messages- "to God be the glory in the church" and " he who comes in the name of the Lord" immediately come to mind.


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 Re: Favorite preacher or sermon on Sermonindex

The sermon I've recorded and gave away the most or recommended the MOST is (even here on SI)...

George Middlebrook - Revival 89

This sermon is so honest and humble in it's presentation of how God brought revival to his life when he thought he was the most righteous guy at his church. Awesome, just awesome!


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