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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Eugene Peterson on changing his mind about same-sex issues and marriage

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When I read about the retraction I immediately had a strong opinion. Then I read in the article the following:

"Several reports suggested that LifeWay Christian Stores was about to remove his books and resources from their shelves in light of his new views on the subject.Yet in an email statement to The Christian Post, LifeWay spokesman Carol Pipes said that "based upon Eugene Peterson's retraction, we will continue to sell his resources."

Yes I believe it is all about money and business!
(I have done a bit of reading about this)
LifeWay Christian Stores operates over 186 outlets in two dozen states
I don't think we fully realize how far Christianity in the west has fallen.
May the Lord have mercy on us.

 2017/7/14 3:35

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 Re: markuskiwi

You have accurately assessed this. Thanks again for your contribution and comments. I always appreciate your posts.

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I am disappointed in Lifeway, that they would be so easily appeased--it frustrates me that they even carry The Message to begin with. Is there no discernment anymore? It's like we can't tell the difference between our right and left hands!

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Here is Dr. Michael Brown's latest article on this topic.

L Young

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