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 Canada's Evangelicals mobilize


It wasn't that long ago that Canada's Supreme Court said it's up to Ottawa to decide who gets married in this country.

Canada might not make as big a deal of it as some in other countries do, but this country is founded on principles that recognize both the rule of law and the supremacy of God.

If that last part is news, check your Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The reference to the supremacy of God is right off the top.

Now Tristan Emmanuel has an audience and a goal. The Ontario minister is deeply opposed to same-sex marriage, and he's organizing those who share his convictions. He is reminding those he talks to that they decide who goes to Ottawa.

In churches such as this, the Orthodox Christian Reform Church of Cambridge, there is a kind of political awakening happening encouraged by the Reverend Tristan Emmanuel.

Among his firm beliefs is that the time has come for Christians to speak with a louder voice in the world of politics.

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 Re: Canada's Evangelicals mobilize

Times are getting more wicked huh? (kinda a retorical question .. sp..)

 2005/6/16 19:37

 Re: Canada's Evangelicals mobilize


retorical question .. sp.

Fyi - rhetorical. You were very close :D

Among his firm beliefs is that the time has come for Christians to speak with a louder voice in the world of politics.

I agree, but there is a fine line to be observed at all times - the point at which one's Christian endeavour [i][b]ever[/b][/i] is in any way compromised by a lack of funds.

It can be soo tempting to take government or other types of sponsorship, that one does not realise one is being subtley thwarted in both the power of the testimony and the control it can exert. Has not God proved beyond all doubt that He is more than able to supply what is needed for His people to obey His will?

 2005/6/17 13:54

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I support more Christian involvement in the political arena, but I do have some concerns about the apparent obsession with winning the culture battle but losing the souls of people in the end. Recall how the fundamentalists won the Scopes trial but lost the ultimate battle of the creation-evolution controversy. See [url=]my blog[/url]. :)


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