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It seems that many on Sermon Index want to criticize the conservative news commentators especially the Fox News Network. I do not get the news from one news source, but from a variety of news sources hoping to get some truth by comparison. There is no doubt that the Fox News Network as a whole promotes the conservative, Republican agenda, but I am thankful that they do allow men such as Tony Perkins on their programs that give a Christian perspective on what is being reported.

I have never seen anything like the negative and often untrue reporting from the liberal networks such as CNN and MSNBC. Their agenda was to get Hillary Clinton elected as president, and they often quoted polls that did not give Donald Trump a chance of being elected, and now they are working overtime to try to bring this president down with attacks and propaganda, not reporting the news, but their own liberal agenda.

I believe that Christians should be engaged with what is going on in this nation, so that they can pray intelligently and accurately. I also believe that we can spend too much time watching news programs and political commentaries, and the Lord has dealt with me personally about this.

Intercession and spiritual warfare are exposing the enemy, and demons are actually manifesting themselves right before our very eyes. The hatred towards Christians in this nation has risen up to another level, and now is showing itself especially from some of our nations highest institutions.

Christians have a choice to make, and they can either refuse to face what is going on and allow the powers of darkness to take over our nation with the excuse that we are of another kingdom, or they can pray for revival and awakening, engaging the enemy in spiritual warfare on the basis of the victory of Jesus Christ over the powers of darkness.

God is looking for overcomers that will be victorious in every arena of life. We are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.


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 Re: ought to know to promote Jesus as Savior on a news cast will invite the wrath of the LGBT crowd and maybe earn you a bullet in your to save my hide and my job one does whatever it takes to accomplish it - so, they think. I suspect to be a Christian journalist would be a difficult job - reporting news without commenting on the whys and wherefores.

My opinion.


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Radio broadcasts

With my computer down and not owning a TV I listened to radio for two days in wake of the shootings. Limbaugh nor Hannity never once mentioned God nor the need for national repentance on all sides. Hannity claims to be Christian (he is Catholic as was O'Reilly) but nothing is ever said but get away from liberalism. What about returning to God? Limbaugh is many times a sarcastic world class smart aleck to say the least. That's my opinion of course. Then I listened a bit to a conservative hero named Michael Savage and I won't even burden you going there. But I listened of my own free will so any fault is with me. Is mainstream conservatism just the flip side of the secular humanistic progressive coin? If the "liberals" are wrong what is so right about conservatism without God? Some of these conservative talk show hosts may object and say you have got it wrong because I believe in God. Well, after listening all I can say is one couldn't tell it from listening to you.

Matthew 7:24

David Winter

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The question we should always ask ourselves is does this bring glory to God. That is the true test. If it doesn't get away from it whatever it is.


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