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North Carolina, USA

 Are the conversations not in order?

I notice when I click on a thread, the first post I see will begin with "Re:". Am I missing something here?

I would have done a search to see if this has been asked before, but that leads to me second question, is there a search function for the forum?

Bubba out.


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West Sussex, England

 Re: Are the conversations not in order?

Hi Bubba, yes there is a search box. It is powered by Google for the site. It's near the top of the Home page.

But if you searched for the word 'Re' ..... it wouldnt work very well I dont think. I presume it would come up with many forum topics ?

I think the word Re (meaning : concerning what has been spoken of previously) only appears from the second post onwards (in a Topic) Ive never seen it on the first post.

David Keel

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 Re: Are the conversations not in order?

When you search some pages, they pop up in thread order for some reason, look for this at the very end of the web address...


What I do when this happens is type "flat" (without the quotes) after "viewmode="


This usually works fine for me and reorders all the pages of the conversation (thread).


Now, type flat after viewmode=flat and watch it change to normal!!


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