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 Revival, Sanctification, and Being filled with the Spirit

I would like to explore the question, what is revival? Particularly, is it the same as being filled with the Spirit? Or the ongoing work of sanctification? Much of what I am reading on this sight seems to suggest that revival is God doing a work of sanctification in believers. As I have read and learned a little about revivals, which isn't much (some on the Protestant Reformation, First and Second Great Awakenings), it seems to be at least distinct. I would like to know of more resources to help answer this question.
I would point out that being filled with the Spirit seems to be something Christians should seek and will experience apart from Revival, unless that filling with the Spirit is in fact a "personal" revival. Furthermore, John 15:1-7 seems to teach that true Christians will be progressively sanctified throughout their lives or they are not true Christians. This seems guaranteed by Jesus himself whether there is an identifiable, historical revival in the Church. Although I suppose revivals could be one way God accomplishes this. Any thoughts?


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