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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Praying Thru Ramadan 2017

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 Re: Day 11...Praying thru Ramadan

Day 11

Believers are on the run for their faith in Central Asia.


...Pray for God to protect them, especially during Ramadan.

... Pray that God will surround them with his protective angels.

... Pray Psalm 91 over these precious saints.

Bro Blaine

 2017/6/5 13:29

 Re: Day 13...Praying thru Ramadan

Day 13

Maysan’s* husband is
violently persecuting
her and her daughter
Munira* for their new
faith in Christ.

Please ...

...Pray that God would care for and restore their family.

...Pray that God would care for those who are under persecution from their families especialy those in Islamic lands.

Bro Blaine

 2017/6/7 11:18

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sorry for interrupting bearmaster... but I could not find your email adress. I wrote in the other post but perhaps, you've missed it.

 2017/6/7 15:42Profile

 Re: Day 23...Praying thru Ramadan

Day 23

There have been many
in Algeria and throughout the Middle East coming to


• Pray that these
new believers would
receive the right
discipleship training,
and pray that they
would stand strong.

• Pray they would have access to the word of God and good Christ-centered discipling literature.

• Pray for the protection of discipling teams who travel throughout the Middle East discipling new believers.

• Pray for house churches to form where believers may meet secretly to encourage one another.

• Pray for much fruit to come forth from these new followers of Jesus.

Bro Blaine

 2017/6/17 6:50

Joined: 2016/8/10
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Will be praying

Also that God might give us wisdom how to speak with our Muslim friends and how to preach unto them Christ!

 2017/6/17 15:25Profile


Esther posted my email address in your other thread. But email is below my name here.

Bro Blaine

[email protected]

 2017/6/17 15:47

 Re: Day24...Praying thru Ramadan

Day 24

An average of five churches are attacked each Sunday in Nigeria. Attacks typically
increase during Ramadan.


••• Pray for God to convict the hearts of those executing these attacks. May jihadists have dreams and visions of Jesus. May hearts of hate be changed to hearts of love.

••• Pray for the protection of churches and secret fellowships throughout Nigeria and the Middle East. May angels encamp around their fellowships. May these precious saints stay hidden in Jesus.

••• Pray for much fruit to come out of the prayers of the saints during this much month of Ramadan. May many souls be added to His kingdom.

Bro Blaine

 2017/6/18 6:30

 Re: Day 25...Praying thru Ramadan

Day 25

In Syria, the civil war
has gone on for six years


••• Pray that God
would save many from
the Islamic extremist
group, ISIS, for His glory.

••• Pray that God would meet the needs of the many displaced people from this tragic war.

••• Pray that God would protect those believers who still remain in Syria to minister for the Lord Jesus Christ.

••• Pray if God would bring many Muslims to Himself through dreams and visions of Jesus during this month of Ramadan.

Bro Blaine

 2017/6/19 12:56

 Re: Day 26...Praying thru Ramadan

Day 26

In Cameroon, Christians
have fled Boko Haram
as refugees.


••• Pray for the
members of this group to
be changed by the beauty
of the gospel and their
need for a Savior.

••• Pray that those who have been victimized by this evil group will forgive their enemies.

••• Pray that those who have been displaced by the Boko Haram will have their spiritual and physical needs met.

••• Pray for Ministries such as Voice of the Persecuted and Open Doors who support missions in areas impacted by Boko Haram. Please pray that these ministries will have the resources to meet the needs of the displaced people.

••• Pray for the hearts of
Muslim leaders during
the month of Ramadan—
that they would have a
real encounter with “Isa”
and realize He is
the Messiah.

Bro Blaine

 2017/6/20 9:02

 Re: Day 27...Praying thru Ramadan

My brothers and Sisters,

Tonight is considered to be a night of power for Muslims around the world. Though there is some confusion as to win the actual night of power is during the 2017 Ramadan. Consensus seems to be that tonight will be the night of power for many Muslims seeking their god.

Because of this I feel led to convene a special Persecution Watch call tonight. Asking those who may, to come and join me in calling out for Muslim salvations during this night as they are seeking their god. Below is an article encouraging us to pray for Muslims during thus special night. Also there will be suggested prayer points that follow the article and our call information.


Why should Christians pray during Ramadan?

The Night of Power, or Laylat al-Qadr, is the night during Ramadan that Muslims believe salvation can be granted. It's powerful because it is believed to be the night the Quran was first revealed to Mohammad. It is typical to pray and fast through the night, some Muslims even stay at the mosque until morning to pray. It is common to recite prayers extolling God as the one who saves and forgives, asking for him to forgive their sins. It is said prayers on this night are worth more than 1000 months of prayer. God often visits people with dreams and visions during this time.

The night changes each year, but it is typically believed to be the 27th night of Ramadan, which would be Wednesday June 21. This adds just another layer of confusion and fear for Muslims as they cannot even be sure whether or not they prayers were accepted.

We want to pray with and for our Muslim neighbors for dreams and visions of the One who offers complete salvation. We pray for them to know true peace and freedom through Jesus Christ.


Please pray.......

••• That Muslens will find Jesus during there night of power.

••• That they will encounter Jesus in dreams and visions.

••• For the protection of those who will share Jesus with their Muslim neighbors during this time.

••• That those seeking Jesus and new believers will have access to the word of God. Particular the New Testament that they call in Arabic the Injil.

••• That new believers during this time will be discipled through secret fellowships.

••• that new we'll come out of these new converts. That they will be filled with the Holy Spirit and share Jesus with a gracious loving boldness.

Time of tonight's call is.......

9 p.m. Eastern
8 p.m. Central
7 p.m. Mountain
6 p.m. Pacific

Call number and access code are.......


Lord willing, I look forward to praying with you tonight and calling out for Muslim salvations during our true night of power.

Your brother in Christ,


 2017/6/21 14:49

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