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 Israel to disappear from the map?

Changes are coming upon the world quickly. Trump to visit the Palestinians, then to meet the Pope. We may be at a critical moment in time.

Stephen Denun covered that tonight in his short news report:

James R Barnes

 2017/5/19 22:14Profile

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 Re: Israel to disappear from the map?

Well, I do not believe it will disappear from the map. But I think, they will get cheated.

It's very interesting though to notice whats happenning these days - Trump visits Saudia Arabia and is going to speak before 50 Muslim leaders from around the world. From a BBC-report:

"Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir admitted to me it was "a diplomatic coup" to claim the first stop on the US president's first foreign visit. Other historic first steps may be taken here too.
Another senior official in the region disclosed that Arab states are now discussing moves to start "normalising" relations with their old arch-enemy Israel."

Normalising relationships with Israel - don't believe that for a minute! Remember that ALL Arab countries joined against Israel when it was restored! And they still hate Israel.

Then President Trump is going to Israel, Palestine, the Vatican, Brussels (EU) and Sicily (G7-summit). I don't really understand why people generally visit the Pope... but I think that the pieces are gradually coming together and we are really very near to the coming of Christ!

"Watch and PRAY!" (Luke 21:36; Mark 13:33; 1 Peter 4:7)

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Dominic Shiells

 2017/5/20 5:13Profile


Hmm. Wonder if the President will follow the lead of Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Patriarch Krill and visit Antarctica.😊

Something strange in this. But then these are strange times we live in.

Bro Blaine

 2017/5/20 8:38

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Whatever occurs the modern day controversy of Zion will continue to increasingly be the epicenter of tensions that will eventually threaten world peace and stability. Modern Israel has been allowed to reappear as a sign and challenge from the Lord to the world and the nations. The nations and many hearts without and within the church are going to be sifted and tested but that is part of the Lord's plan in allowing the against all odds reemergence of modern Israel. The Lord has not left Himself without a witness.

David Winter

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