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 God of the valley

God of the Valley

It does not really count
If you think its gonna end
The valleys not a valley
If you think you can ascend

When you're burning in the fire
And all around is darkness
And from the very depths of you
You silently scream...Jesus!

Have you cried that name into the night
When everything has failed
You're lost and there's no way ahead
And all your world has been derailed

When you've crawled the deepest valley
Where the arrows never stop
Only then are you truly ready
To ascend the celestial mountain-top

The glory of the risen King
Belongs to those who cry to Him
"Even if I burn here in this fire,
my immortal soul will come up higher"

The saint whose traveled down this road
Whom the enemy will often strike
Discovers something other-worldly
The mountain and valley are both alike

On the very highest mountain-top
Or in the deepest valley low
The day and the night are both alike
For He is with me everywhere I go. ......bro Frank

 2017/4/24 23:01

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