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New Jersey, USA


Hello my name is Joseph, I'm the pastor of a small house church in New Jersey.

I was skimming the Welcome & Intro discussion forum and got the sense that whenever anyone became a member or if they returned from a long hiatus, they'd post an "Intro."

I've actually been using this site for nearly two decades, possibly as long as it's existed, in order to track down good sermons to edify my soul. I've never met the man but I consider Mr. Leonard Ravenhill to be my spiritual father since he's the closest thing I have had to a mentor or a pastor.

Is it okay if I throw a prayer request in here?

I've been saved since 1998 and I am not yet clothed with power from on high. I long for that blessing very much. I spend time in waiting upon God, as much as I can, every day for the answer to this prayer.

I know that there's a lot of theological argument about whether there are multiple baptisms or one major one, I don't care about all that, I simply look at the New Testament and at church history and see men who had something which I do not have.

I read about Thomas Cook, who had such a radiance about him from dwelling with the Lord that people couldn't continue to sin in his presence. I read about the same thing in Hudson Taylor's biography by Howard Taylor, one man said to Mr. Taylor, late in his life; "please don't speak to me, what you are is thundering too loudly in my ears for me to hear anything you say." And then there's Mr. John Hyde who prayed in such a manner that others were caught up with him and hours seemed like minutes. And Mr. John Wesley preached and men were rendered unconscious by the gravity of their sinfulness in the light of who God is. And Mr. William Booth and W.P. Nicholson both preached with such power that grown men were so filled with fear that sweat ran off the end of their noses and they unconsciously tore the hymnals. To say nothing of Mr. Edwards. And many others.

And here I am. No boldness, after nineteen years. Hardly any unction. Very little love for prayer. Very little love for God's Word.

Oh Lord have mercy on me!

If you know how to pray won't you pray for me?
I am saved... but I need God! I can't put it any better than that. My soul aches for Him.


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 Re: Introduction

Welcome to SI. Will indeed pray for you to be clothed with power from on high, please pray the same for me.

In Christ,

Ron Halverson

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 Re: Introduction

Hello Joseph

I'm praying for you and do also request that you keep me in prayer too that the Lord would empty me of all that is of self and fill me with Himself.

Blessings brother.


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