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 Brokeness the beginning of revival

Hello I was recently asked a question from a member of sermonindex this is my response.

Hello, I'm a missionary in Ghana and love to learn from others their own understanding and experience of such rich issues because a revival has broken out in Ghana and I believe BROKENNESS is needed to also sustain it.

Could you kindly share your thoughts on this burning issue? I sincerely believe in this truth and desire to personally live this life to experience revival. Thank you

To This missionary in Ghana I respond.

"I believe brokenness is being totally surrendered to GODS will. TO be broken in the right places is to make yourself available to GOD..
In thought word and deed. TO obey is better than sacrifice. Brokenness is another name for surrender to the LORD.. Rom 12:1-2

We cannot be broken unless we are allowing the HOLY SPirit to mold our minds, by being in HIS word by spending time with HIM..
Abiding in HIS vine.. He will then pluck the branches that are not fruitful.. He is the vine we are the branches we must ABIDE daily to know HIM and lean on Him John 15
. Brokenness is lining up your ways with HIS ways acknowledging His ways are not our ways.. To ask for the Heart of GOD in all areas.. and we need to be Broken in the right places. Acknowledging HE ALONE IS GOD.. we are not we are here as HIS Daughters and Sons... We are His to be used as He wants.. if we allow the LORD to break us in all our heart, mind and soul areas we will be Broken. If we allow the HOLY Spirit to teach and mold us.. Jesus was broken for us HE took our place. It is no longer us that lives but Christ that lives in us..
IF study His ten commandments we will see His Love carved in Stone for us.. If we would only take Him literally to obey HIS word to live as He wants us to we would all be happier and so would the world.. We cannot represent Christ well unless we allow HIM to break us in the right places... This is I believe what Brokenness is to me.. Exodus 20..Gal 2:20 Isa 55-8-9 Ps 51 10... May we have a revival of holiness in thought word and deed..and all be broken in the right place and yes brokenness is the beginning of revival." MAY WE ALL ALLOW THE HOLY GHOST TO BREAK US IN THE RIGHT PLACES
In Christ


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