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 The deceived and the deceiver

The deceived and the deceiver! Why should we address these matters and write about them? The Lord Jesus told us to beware of deceivers and false prophets in the last days. That is why we, too, must address these matters and write about them, while keeping in mind that we need to address the matters in a loving, gentle way, highlighting Bible truth and glorifying the Lord Jesus. The Bible also says that in the final days of the end of days, many Christians will give up Bible truth and, in their apostasy, they will start following demonic spirits and doctrines of demons, while still thinking that they believe in Jesus even though they have given up the truth and exchanged the truth for lies. That is why we, too, must address these matters so that we would not get lost and so that those who have gotten lost would be able to repent and again believe in Jesus in accordance with what the Bible teaches.

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 Re: The deceived and the deceiver


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