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Your description of Islam and their obsession with immorality is one reason why I consider the Mystery Babylon to be Islamic.

I am almost seventy years old. I remember well when I was a teen and did not know the definition of homosexuality. In the ninth grade (public school) - 1961 - in Home Ec we were shown a movie about how to behave on a date and it promoted chastity, nothing more then a brief kiss. Among the public pregnant singles were not lauded; if pg they were looked down upon - it was shameful. Shacking was utterly shameful - not done at all.

Now the public - and people in the church - accept it all in the name of forgiveness and 'everyone' is doing it so it must be ok.

Now, you have a philosophy that is making a lot of traction forcing people to accept it and at its core is utter perversion. And governments are caving in to it.

I know most on here would agree with my evaluation of the horribleness of the perversion that is being forced upon the public but take pause at my suggestion that perhaps Mystery Babylon is involved here....but that is OK. I am not 100% certain either, but do see a possibility.


Sandra Miller

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Sandra I have a strong suspicion that you are right. And enough doubt of my own reasoning to say Im not sure


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