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 Preachers arrested and found guilty in Britain for quoting the Bible

When you are arrested for pronouncing that "Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and no man comes to the Father except through Me," so as not to upset Muslims, you know your country is careering headlong into darkness.....bro Frank

 2017/2/28 23:41

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 Re: Preachers arrested and found guilty in Britain for quoting the Bible

I know this can be a contentious topic. But this development is chilling and foreboding.

When I consider the totally irrational defense --- a lust for it really --- of Islam that the pop culture and political culture in America continue to embrace, no one can reasonably deny that the very kind of thing endured now by these British brothers will happen here. It is no comfort to say of it, "well, not yet".

The people, nations, ethnes, what have you, imagine a vain thing. Do we get that? A vain thing. In Psalm 2, it means a worthless thing. No purpose. How utterly worthless to their own selves their imagined "religion of peace" is? They march for it. They identify with it, saying in streets and with hashtags, "#IamMuslimToo". They litigate to protect it. And the thing they love and devote themselves too would and will kill them. It has done so already for 1,400 years and has escalated its open hatred of them in this hour.

The lust for Islam and the gender identity lie and the homosexuality movement have a chief common theme. Objectification of children. Islam views pederasty and pedophilia with regard. Gender benders leverage children sexually for social and political power and self justification as well as a hidden culture of pedophilia. Homosexuals closely mirror the gender fluidity folks in their objectification because they want to create more of their kind. All of this is lunacy on one level if you are looking for commonality because Islam's precepts seem to condemn such sexual behavior. But while what Islam teaches may not easily be reconciled to these other things, the spirit of what it does to men's hearts is precisely the kind of perverse derailing of human character into darkness that these other things produce. In other words, they wind up as friendly spiritual neighbors by what they DO.

The treatment of children is prophetically important. On the one hand, God promises to pour His Spirit on them in the last days. Acts 2:17. On the other, they will rise up against parents and deliver them to antichrist death and destruction. Mark 13:12. They are a battleground in the spirit realm (and I know I don't talk like that a lot, but bear with me here) in the last days.

Possible misuse of stats by me here, unintentionally, but in May 2015, UK news media reported that case reports of under-18-year-old children abusing their parents had increased 60% in only two years. Meanwhile, in Britian, in 2015 Muhammad was the second most popular baby name for boys. Ali and Omar wwre also in the top 100. That is a real leap from only 2000 when Muhammad was 27th most popular.

See what I am saying please. I am not arguing that Islam is a cause. I am arguing that a lust for Islam even by non-Muslims is of the same kind of deceived spiritual state as Islam itself, and that the differences in Islamic doctrine and non-Islamic perverted sexual practices are not at all far apart in reality because they share a common objectification of children, who are an important battlegound in the last days.

I am saying that this battle is not "over there" as we might be tempted to think. Just because preachers of Christ are not yet persecuted and jailed here yet is not an indicator that we are better off.


 2017/3/1 8:08Profile


Bro Tim, what a most excellent reply. I would like to copy and paste it to add to this post on my facebook page if you dont mind. I think you have sliced and diced it in a most productive way. Of course, as in any stage of history, it is the people who usher these things in. I remember watching a documentary about the rise of the Nazi party in Germany. One ordinary woman said something that I will always remember because she was making a spiritual statement without knowing it, she said " There was something in the atmosphere and we all breathed it in." Coming from Britain and regularly visiting home, there is something in the atmosphere over there and they are breathing it in. But believe me, I sense the same atmosphere over here, it just has not reached critical mass yet. Discerning spirits is actually highly regarded in Scripture. We saints need to be able to discern spirits if we are to be of any use to those beginning to breathe in the spirits of our time...........bro Frank

 2017/3/1 8:49

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Tennessee, but my home's in Alabama


If you find it helpful please make any use of it you can.


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Brother Frank, do you still remember the name of the film? I just spoke yesterday with somebody about it and I believe too it was a spirit.

We must always watch and pray... and love the truth! (2 Thessalonians 2:1-10).

 2017/3/1 11:33Profile


Esther, it was a documentary called, I believe, the rise and fall of the Third Reich. It was in several parts, each part a couple of hours long. It used home 35mm movies of ordinary Germans. It gave a remarkable insight into the thoughts and mindset of the regular people who worshiped Hitler. I have watched it more than once just because there are so many parallels between the gradual hatred and persecution of the Jewish people and what is happening to Christians all around the world now................bro Frank

 2017/3/1 12:11

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 Meet Lt. Col. Khallid Shabazz, the Army's first Islamic division chaplain

Lt. Col. Khallid Shabazz, the Army's first Islamic division chaplain

After a ceremony this summer, Lt. Col. Khallid Shabazz will become the first Muslim division-level chaplain in the history of the U.S. military – a Muslim spiritual leader for more than 14,000 mostly Christian soldiers.

Lui Kit WongThe News Tribune Feb 27 2017.

Read more here:

Maybe it's much further on than is realised!


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 Re: Meet Lt. Col. Khallid Shabazz, the Army's first Islamic division chaplain

Shortly after the election last year, I noticed some of my friends on Facebook who were given to the anti-Trump hysteria. It was very odd to me -- because some of those friends seemed to be well-rooted in their faith with Christ. I asked one very vocal friend about whether he preferred Hillary Clinton and what he didn't like about Trump. He didn't answer the "Hillary" question, but he said that Trump was a "fear-monger" and that he spread "hatred" for those who weren't "like him." He never elaborated.

After the inauguration and after President Trump signed a temporary moratorium on travel from seven Islamic nations, this same person hit me up on Facebook (through a private message). He said, "See, what did I tell you?"

It turns out that he was given over to the left's romanticism about Islam -- as though they are the unfortunate victim of hatred around the world. He also tried to claim that none of the terrorist acts committed in the United States happened at the hands of someone from those seven countries.

I first pointed out that this wasn't "anti-immigrant" -- because immigrants are welcomed from around the world.

I then pointed out that it wasn't "anti-Muslim" -- because Muslims from every other country are admitted into the U.S.

I even pointed out that the motivation wasn't solely about "terrorism." Rather, there are extremist ideologies that are COMMON in those seven countries. I referred him to a Pew Research poll about Islam around the world.

- A majority of Muslims in those countries believe that Sharia law takes precedent over national law.
- A majority of Muslims in those countries believe that it is acceptable to kill a girl or woman for reasons of "honor."
- A majority of Muslims in those countries believe that conversion away from Islam should be a capital crime punishable by death.
- A majority of Muslims in those countries believe that women have no right to decide whether or not they where the hijab or burka.
- A majority of Muslims in those countries believe in wild conspiracies about Jews -- or ideas that "Jews cannot be trusted."

These aren't "tiny percentages" of the population. These are majorities of the population. Even in other countries, they represent near-majorities of the population.

Such ideas are simply incompatible with a free society. There can be no "inclusion" when individuals cannot or will not follow the law of a nation -- or the ideas of individual and collective liberty.

Frank mentioned a documentary about the rise of the Nazis. I haven't seen that, but it probably parallels the rise of secular humanism as an international mantra which seeks to selectively "embrace diversity" from everyone except the followers or Jesus Christ.

My wife and I did watch a documentary last year about honor killing. It was entitled, "A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness." It focused on a girl who secretly married a man that she was engaged with. Although her family accepted the engagement, it turned out that her uncle opposed the marriage.

This girl's father and uncle went to retrieve their daughter. They all agreed that they would bring her home and let her husband come for her in the traditional way. Instead, they drove the girl to a remote area next to a river. They beat her nearly unconscious and then shot her twice (including in the face). They thought that she was dead or dying, so they tied her into a gunny sack and threw her in the river. After all, this was their customary "right" through Islam.

This girl survived. She managed to break free from the sack and swim to shore. She made it to a gas station and was rushed to a hospital for surgery. Although her father and uncle were arrested, the local elders decided that she should "forgive them" (allowing all charges to be dropped) or risk her husband and his family becoming social pariahs for which they would be unable to obtain work, food, etc. In the end, the girl acquiesced.

It is a tragic story -- but one that is played out more than a thousand times each year.

This sort of thinking is incompatible with a free society in the West. Yet, it is either accepted or "reluctantly understood" by hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world -- including majorities of the population in some countries.

When I pointed this out to my friend (a Christian), he implied that I had "hate in my heart." I even provided him the link to the Pew study (I'll post it below), but he said that he didn't "need to see it." That is the problem here. People simply do not WANT to see, hear or know the truth. They're content with the narrative that the media fully controls.

We've reached the point -- so very quickly -- in which the secular world (particularly in the media) controls a narrative in which Christians are "oppressors" of Muslims, Hindus, atheists, homosexuals, transgenders or other groups. In reality, it is most often the other way around. It often seems like they take up the old notion that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." In this case, Christians or morality derived from Christianity are the "enemy" and anyone who opposes such morality or religious faith is on their side (at least for the time being).


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Tim: I concur. The Bible states that one of the primary purposes of marriage is to produce Godly seed (Mal. 2:15). This is what is being attacked. "Lets destroy the seed." Very well stated brother.


 2017/3/2 9:49Profile


Good post bro Chris, good information. Selective diversity is a great phrase which I will use from now on :)

The story of the girl is horrific. And I believe that you are correct that the vast majority of the Muslim population give a nod and a wink to this behavior while disavowing it if challenged, kinda like the Mormons and polygamy.

When my wife and I lived in London for two years, we were walking down the street and a car screeched to a halt and two men jumped out and grabbed a young woman and began to drag her, kicking and screaming, towards the car. I ran to them and took the girl from them ( I was bigger than them and being Scottish, never afraid of physical confrontation :) )

She was 21, she had been previously beaten with bruises visible on her face and spoke very little English. She clung to me like a frightened cat. In her best English she told me "I want to be with the man I love." The two men gathered themselves and approached me and began to tell me she was their niece and she was crazy and that her dad was coming and he would take charge of the situation. I told them to back of and instructed my wife to go call the police ( the days before cell phones) She told me they had forced her to marry an older man and that they and he beat her regularly. She said she had always loved this other man.

I told them her dad was not in charge of anything and that she was off age. They told me that this was not how it works in Pakistan. I told them that they were not in Pakistan. My wife called the police and told them that of the attempted abduction, she did not mention they were Asian. Within minute two or three cars came racing to the scene with the sirens blaring. Once the police realized they were Asians they did not seem overly concerned. We had just come through many race riots in Britain in the 70s so they were very loathe to upset certain cultures. They did take the girl away in the car and a policeman told me they would drop her of where she wanted but that she would probably be " captured again within a few days because all of the " community" knew about her and would call when they spotted her. It has just got worse in Britain since then, where the police simply dont get involved unless there is a " honor killing," of which there has been many..............bro Frank

 2017/3/2 10:26

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