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 Roe v Wade woman dies

"Norma McCorvey, whose test case made abortions legal in the United States, has died aged 69.She was represented under a pseudonym in the Roe v Wade case, in what ended up being a landmark and controversial Supreme Court judgement in 1973.Having turned to religion, McCorvey then said being part ofthe decision to legalise abortion "was the biggest mistakeof my life".
From BBC News.

How sad to end your life knowing and regretting you were a part of establishing such a law as this.


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 Re: Roe v Wade woman dies

I believe she knew Christ. She wrote a book entitled Won by Love. I have not read the book. But others have said the book describes her journey of faith to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bro Blaine

 2017/2/18 16:09

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 Re: Roe v Wade woman dies

if she repented and received Christ as her Lord & Savior...then God does not remember any of her involvement in Roe v Wade


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