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 Gratitude for ministry of sermonindex

I would like to thank you, Greg, on this forum for the blessing which you have brought to many of our lives by making this wealth of godly sermons available to us. In the years in which I have been aware of the site I have many times been greatly encouraged by the words of God's servants of the past and present who confirmed that I am hearing God's Voice rightly. In the rather lonely path which I have walked in believed obedience to His leading I treasure these assurances that the Lord has laid the same burdens on the hearts of other men which I feel resting upon mine. God bless you, Greg!


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 Re: Gratitude for ministry of sermonindex

I, too, am grateful for ministry of sermonindex. You have invested your life into this ministry, so I thank you and your family for this place of refuge in sermons and fellowship.

God bless you and your family!


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Thank you for the encouragement dear saints.

SermonIndex still is a large community effort also from believers. One believer right now has downloaded the entire video library of 5000 videos and is uploading parts of it to other ministries.

One brother send a hard-drive to be filled and add the entire archive of to the Winkie Pratney Revival Library.

Brethren have volunteered to transcribe featured audio sermons and hundreds pray for this ministry and the sermons to impact many.

We are very thankful for all the believers who co-labour to this end.

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