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 Not super sunday

Many years ago I was sad that sports had taken over everyone's mind one Sunday in January. I was at a mainline Baptist church and literally wept at the idolatry that had taken over that Sunday. Everyone left for home to watch the Super Bowl football game.
I stayed alone in the sanctuary, went up to the piano and praised the Lord with tears and interceded for my fellow Christians that day. Someone came in the sanctuary and told me to please leave because they were locking up the church.
Because I had been literally in another world for many years, homeschooling the children, no TV and home church with devoted Christians, I was literally in shock at the worldliness of the church.

I've never quite gotten over it even with the constant pull to join in, loosen up, chill out, and get rid of the 'holier than thou' attitude, my tears never seem to let up for the church.

Like brother Frank just wrote the pied piper has driven us to a madness and a blindness and we will follow him over the cliff to hell unless we cling so tight to Jesus and stay true to his word. We love our family and our country but we must love our Lord more and if that means walking alone with God, then we know we have nowhere else to go but with Him no matter what that means.

I encourage you to keep on staying the course, fighting the good fight, trekking the narrow way. Someday we will know that it all was worth the losses we experienced here. For the joy set before Him Jesus endured the scorn, the rejection...the cross. Our Lord set the standard.

Yours in Christ,

L Young

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 Re: Not super sunday

Wow! What have we become? I gave all that up long ago.

Reminded me of viewing a video of the Amish having a burning of handhelds, cell phone, radios and other things from their flock.

James R Barnes

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Hi Roger,
It just seems to be a gradual creeping up of worldliness in our lives that takes over our minds and then one day we realize we have drifted far from God.
My children gave me a gift if an iPhone about a year ago and though it has been somewhat of a blessing, I believe my prayer life and listening to the Holy Spirit is at an all time low.

I listened to a YouTube video of David Wilkerson titled as his last public sermon. It may be in the sermonindex files but I copy it here now because I was completely astounded and cut to the heart. He spoke it six years ago in 2010 (he went to be with the Lord in 2011) and the Lord used his message today and I knew I had become addicted to this little digital machine in my hand and the Lord wants me back with him. That means I must turn in this iPhone for a landline as outdated as that may be, to keep me from temptation. I'd rather hear from God again than keep my pulse on the world. Something has to go in order for me to move on with Jesus. I pray for many of you out there with ears to hear.

In Christ,
Sister Leslie

L Young

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Wilkerson has probably influenced my life and faith more than any other christian. Look at his ministry; he made the decision to stop watching television and use that time to pray, and look at the results: millions (literally) saved from a christless eternity.

Having said that, I also have to confess I spend too much time on the internet. It's so insidious, the way it seems harmless at first, and it takes more and more of your time. And that can be said for any distraction ("pastime").

Nigel Holland

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 Re: Not super sunday

I watched that same exact sermon last night, part of his 1973 one, then ordered his Vision book from World Challenge for $5. Guess the Lord is bringing Wilkerson's prophecies to mind amongst us?


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Several months ago we had an Egyptian Pastor on one of our Persecution Watch calls. He spoke of the need in the Middle East for converts out of Islam to have access to the word of God. In places like Egypt to carry a Bible will invite immediate persecution and retaliation from Muslims. This pastor told us that many Arabic young people have a cell phone with earbuds plugged into it. For the worldly minded person such as the Muslim they assume these young people are listening to secular music. But this pastor told us that many times these young people who have converted to Christ are listening to their cell phones. They are listening to the word of God.

Oftentimes to have access to the word of God in the Middle East one must have a smartphone. Many times Arabic converts out of Islam are listening to the word of God out of their cell phones.

Some time ago YouVersion created a new app. This app allows believers in Iran to access the whole Bible in Farsi. Usage of this app has increased thousands of times many-fold. Again an example of how God is using smartphones in restricted Nations to bring the word of God to the persecuted.

I have an Android. This Android can either be a tool or a toy. By God's grace I try to make it a tool. My ninistry with Persecution Watch is done through this Android. I'm not saying that I've been perfect in my goal of making this phone my tool. But by God's grace I seek the walk in that direction.

I realize there are those that may have to put their cell phones down. Perhaps even drop the service all together. But the nature of my ministry requires that I use this device. That is until God tells me that Persecution Watch is no longer needed. And with the increase of persecution I do not see that happening any time prior to the Lord's return.

Just wanted to provide another perspective.

Bro Blaine

 2017/2/6 16:56

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