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Also appreciated your post Tim (Dolfan). This is the perspective i wish some around me would have. It looks like growing chaotic times ahead. More dangers and yet eagerness as well. There will be those who see that there is no hope in man and its governments. We need to lead people to Christ alone. More opps to share the gospel, make disciples. Build the Body. Thats what its all about. Let's not be distracted. Praise God. He is always with us in all these times.

james thorpe

 2017/2/3 16:57Profile

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Quote: Under the guise of National Security we are banning Muslims from six or seven nations who supposedly would represent a threat to National Security.

Its not a Muslim ban - What President Trump has done is essentially impose a pause on countries that have been compromised by terrorism, so that we can evaluate the screening process and establish an extreme vetting, so that people coming in to this country don’t represent a threat

Quote: Realky. Then why were Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Afghanistan not included in that ban?

Tthe Obama administration and Congress identified the same seven countries - Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen - as compromised by terror. This list is really garnered around whether the countries that we're looking at have the internal systems that we can be certain people are who they say they are"

Colin Murray

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