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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: The New Wine

Zac Poonen - New Wine in New Wineskins


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...."his mother just ask Him to solve a practical problem -"

That may be,but I believe many of the Words mentioned here,has a Spiritual cognitive value for us today....after His death.
Jesus' mind-set, I see it,was always thinking /speaking towards The Spiritual,..the Heavenly..His actions in the healings,were healings in the physical,but His thought was toward the Spiritual.....To be reveled as a Spiritual reality after His death.
Eyes / ears opened to Spirit,that we may be able to see/ hear ,decern the things of The Spirit.
Crippled/walk (walk in The Spirit--
Dead,...bound from head to foot,as Lazarus and we all were,...made alive by The Hoy Spirit.
Jn.2:4-5,... Thoughts,...Mother says,"they have no 'Wine'......
'Jesus says, "mine hour is not yet come.'.....( was He not looking to after
His death,and The Spirit being sent back ) ?...The New Wine,...Holy Spirit to cleanse us ?

*The 6 water pots of stone, containing 2or 3 firkins each, .....(holding from 22to33 gal.each) ,after the manner of the purifying of the Jews,

The tradition of the Jews was the washing of their hands,..thoughts toward the outward purifying.

Another thought,
The things that we drank, drunk on ...(earthly,of this world nature,)
Was that wine better than this new wine,...? ....We probably once thought the old wine was better,...(thoughts that it was a good life)...tasted good).

Thank you all for allowing me to commune with you...

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