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 Send the Fire - Lindell Cooley

At the end of the last century there was a man who looked upon the moral

and spiritual decay of the world and the church and realized that something

radical needed to happen to bring his world back to God. His name was

William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army.With this realization

came fervent prayer and through prayer the lyrics to this song. "O God of burning,

cleansing flames, Send the Fire. Your blood-bought gift today we claim.

Send the Fire, to burn up every trace of sin, to bring the light and glory in,

the revolution now begin." As we come to the end of this century these words

have as much meaning as they did when they where first written. People have

lost their sense of moral urgency and spiritual fervency and only the

fire of God can burn away deception and cause the true light

of Jesus to be seen. ~ Lindell Cooley (Brownsville Revival Worship Leader)



O God of burning, cleansing flame, Send the fire

Your blood - bought gift today we claim, Send the fire today

God of Elijah, hear our cry, Send the fire

And make us fit to live or die, send the fire today

To burn up every trace of sin, to bring the light and glory in

The revolution now begins, Send the fire today

It's fire we want, for fire we plead, Send the fire

The fire will meet our every need, Send the fire today

Give us strength to always do what's right,

And grace to conquer in the fight

for power to walk this world in white, Send the fire today

Look down and see this waiting host

And send the promised Holy Ghost

We need another Pentecost, Send the fire today

To make our weak hearts strong and brave, Send the fire

To live a dying world to save, Send the fire

Lord, we're here tonight and we're on Your alter, Send the fire

We give our lives to You today, Send the fire

Send the fire today!


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 Re: Send the Fire - Lindell Cooley

Yes, Mike! Amen. Recognize those words and the music is in my head from listening to Michael Brown's Line of Fire program. Great to see all the words. Let it be, Lord. Send the cleansing fire!

L Young

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 Re: Send the Fire - Lindell Cooley


L Young

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 Re: Send the Fire - Lindell Cooley

Amen brother!

Let this be the year we lay our lives on the altar of obedience and wait on God for the fire! Fire to judge sin in our lives. Fire to purify. Fire to set us alight, in Jesus precious Name!


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 Re: Send the Fire - Lindell Cooley

Amen !! Great song and one of my favorite singers!
Thank u brother for this post! Our only mercy is His fire!!!

Send the fire Lord Jesus baptize us afresh!
The fire is good for us!!
We can be well done now or later!!
Baptize us with the fire Lord revive us for the work you chose for us!
Baptize your church Send your fire iron out the wrinkles so we have no spots or wrinkles ! In Jesus mighty name!,,
In Him


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