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Thank you for the feedback and encouragement,... I'm excited to start!


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I just started the YouVersiom plan listening to the whole Bible in 90 days. (Or one can read thru it). I have used this plan before. A comfortable pace to get thru entire Bible in 90 or so days. Each daily selection is about an hour. App tracks your daily aelections. Number of well known translations and readers one can choose from.

Nice thing about listening to Old Testament is someone else pronounces the OT names.

I would recommend this plan for someone who has not gone through the whole Bible, but desires to.

If emtire Bible too much for now. YouVersion has other good plans available. As a certain athletic company used to say...Just do it.

Because of Him.

Bro Blaine

 2017/1/1 9:11

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I tried many bible reading plans. I learned that it is good to strike a balance between and a good routine that should not become a dead ritual and discipline with should not be legalistic.

I now work with 4 bookmarks to ensure I get through the bible regularly and in the proportion to its importance. This shuffling method gives me a good balance of NT, OT books of Moses, history, OT Prophets as well as Psalms and Proverbs. It works a bit like a clock movement with different cogs. I get through the NT more often than the OT but get a good deal of psalms and proverbs, too.

Bookmark #1
2 chapters a day in the NT. I always read it in the same order:
Matthew followed by Romans and Corinthians.
Mark and then the rest of the Pauline Epistles ending with Hebrews (most likely Pauline).
Luke and Acts - same author, continuation
John and the rest of the epistles and Revelation - beginning and end.

Bookmark #2
Pentateuch and History books
2 chapters a day in the OT from Genesis to 2. Chronicles

Bookmark #3. Prophets, Post-Exile, Poetry and Wisdom
2 chapters a day starting from Esra - skipping Psalms and Proverbs
over to Ecclesiastes up to Maleachi

Bookmark No. 4 Psalms and Proverbs
2 Psalms most days, and when I get to a Psalm with a number ending 5 of 0 I have 1 Psalm and 1 Proverb instead.
Only when I get to Psalm 119 I make it my sole bible reading that day.

This is 8 chapters a day. It gets you
nearly 3 times a year through the NT
rougly twice a year through the OT
Roughly 4 times a year through the Psalms and Proverbs

I am have been using this method for many years and I am very happy with it. I just recently split up the OT in 2 sections because I wanted more diversity in my daily reading. I follow this most days.

My advice for someone who just starts: better regular and smaller portions than larger portions and getting the hangup soon.

Maybe start with 3 or 4 chapters a day. Make sure you read NT and OT parallel.

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