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 Andrew Murray.. Have Mercy upon me.

In the midst of all its working and praying, the little child has always the hidden sense of the mother's nearness. The Christian can attain to being so closely knit to his GOD that in he midst of the severe activities of earth there many always remain the blessed feeling. "MY GOD SEES ME AND I CAN LOOK UP TO HIM.

The more that you cleave to GOD and commit yourself to
His WORD and counsel, the more steadfast shall you stand. Let the word be your food.. Strive by it to think what GOD THINKS, to will what HE wills. If the word of GOD is thus the rock of your confidence , you will be just as little moved as there is variableness or shadow of turning with GOD.

The book of Psalms God offers us a prayer book, adapted to our need, because the prayers come from His Spirit, and are therefore Divine, and yet just as genuinely human, because they come from those who are our flesh and blood, and are in everything like ourselves. With the infant class learning the "ABA" the teacher puts the sounds into their mouth.
In the Psalms, the LORD GOD puts into our mouths the very words with which we many come to HIM....
In Him


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