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 Re: Frank

Bro believe it or not Savannah is actually a brother. Never understood why he took Savannah as his nickname. Unless he lives in Savannah Georgia.

Bro Blaine

 2016/12/27 22:44


Thank you Blaine,

I find it strange that these people do not even use their real first names as thought they are hiding behind something.

All the best in Christ to you

 2016/12/28 9:28

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 Re: Frank

Frank wrote : ///So true sister savanah. That is your name right sis?///

Was that spoken with sincerity ?

Or was you mocking ?

The last time that I recall you addressing savanah you refered to him as "satan"


 2016/12/28 18:38Profile

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Please refrain from this type of communication saints as its a shame to deride each other in anyway. If we disagree with a brother, state it in gentleness and love. Private correspondence can be done through emails.

If any brethren have not you can re-read the community rules:

SermonIndex Community Guiding Principles

This thread is locked.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2016/12/28 18:54Profile

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