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New England USA


Glory be to God!! That's what it all about deltadom, It's all about us dying so that HE can be glorified through us!!!! This is the only way we can truly honor the KING! All glory and honor belong to the HIM!!! AMEN


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Corrie Ten Boom tells a revealing little story about the pick pocket turned Christian who boasts in his testimony something like, "When I was a theif I would steal 50 watches a day! Now that I have come to the Lord, I only steal five a day..."

Her fictional story makes a good point - we often look to our old life as the "plumb line" instead of the life of Jesus Christ. We say, "I am doing better than I used to" rather than saying, "I am still very much alive in the flesh"

It can take years for a Christian to understand his or her experience so that he or she appreciates that "relatively better" will not satisfy the hunger in their soul. The wages of sin has never been "relative improvement" :-)


Daniel van de Laar

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you guys are right on, taking up the cross means dying to self. and that means everthing the good the bad and the ugly. that is the only way christ will live fully in us


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