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Sister Renee,

I don’t know if you have ever read any books by Smith Wigglesworth, but if you haven’t I believe that you would be blessed to read about this man of faith, and how the Lord did many supernatural works of healing through his ministry. This brother did not even read the newspaper. His only book was the Word of God. He spent so much time in the presence of the Lord that men were convicted of their sins when they got in his presence. One of his books “Ever Increasing Faith” can be downloaded and read online.


 2016/12/13 12:33Profile


Bro Mike, I read bro Wigglesworth's biography many years ago and was blessed by it. One of the incidents is when he awoke one night and there was something demonic standing at the foot of his bed, he said " Oh, it's only you," and went back to sleep again. Another aspect of his life that was so real was the fact that he suffered greatly in his body. He had to pass many stones over the course of his adult life and sometimes he would be up all night long in agony and lost lots of blood and so on. It is no surprise to me that he therefore had great sympathy for the sick as he was so often sick himself. People may ask why the Lord did not heal him, but this is the mysterious ways of our God who is so much higher than us and whose ways and thoughts are so above our ways and thoughts. Some people have a healing formula and try to treat everyone the same, yet every one of us and our situations are different and the Holy Spirit knows that and deals with each one of us in ways that are deliberate and appropriate to who we are in Him..........bro Frank

 2016/12/13 14:42

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