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 Humbling Testimony

The Lord is so amazing.

Last week I heard a testimony that left me to ponder. It was about 16 young men in China (18-22 years old) who had just given their lives to the Lord. One day they sought the Lord in prayer and felt led to go to the Henan province to share the gospel with the villagers. So they got on a bus, taking nothing with them. The bus was packed, so they had to stand for the three day journey. When they arrived they were hungry and tired, but full of joy ready to do the work of the Lord.

The first day, they went to the people to zealously share the gospel only to be met by stones thrown at them. They fled into the wilderness to ask the Lord where they went wrong. Surely He had sent them. After praying they set out the next day to share the gospel. Again, they were met with stones. They just could not understand what they were doing wrong. By this time they had been without food for many days and were so weary. They decided to go back to the wilderness and seek the Lord all night in prayer until they received an answer. After praying through the night the Lord spoke to each one individually as to what they must do. Each one was to wash the feet of the villagers and keep silent.

That morning they went into the village and asked to wash the feet of the villagers. One farmer reluctantly agreed under the condition that not one word was to be said. Everyday for three years straight, the young men faithfully washed the feet of the villagers not saying a word. Finally, one of the farmers asked a question, "why have you been so faithful to wash our feet everyday for three years not even saying one word"? It was then the Holy Spirit gave him the release to share the gospel. He even shared how Jesus washed the feet of the disciples. The farmer broke down in tears and believed Jesus as Lord. Word quickly spread throughout the village, and the whole village gave their lives to Jesus.

(It's amazing to see the hand of God working in a way that makes no sense to the flesh. It sheds light on worshiping in spirit and truth.)

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 Re: Humbling Testimony

Amen sister!

When we humble ourselves the Lord has the solution for even the hardest opposer to the Gospel. The meekness, forgiveness and servanthood of the believers is the STRENGTH that overcomes the hatred of the opposers.

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