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 Compression format for audio files.

As a computer programmer, I have noticed that it only takes about five years for everything I work with to become obsolete. The hardware changes, the software changes to accomodate it, and such is the cycle - that what was slow and cumbersome five years ago is replaced by something speedier and less cumbersome.

I mention this by way of introduction to an idea that might be of interest. Everyone is familiar with the MP3 audio format, but few people stop to consider that this format is already 13 years old. In computer "time" that is ancient.

Since 1992 (the year MP3 became an official format), better compression algorythmns have been introduced for audio formats (WMV, OGG, etc.) These formats allow better quality audio to be stored in less space. That means that in higher quality files can be stored which take up less space. :-)

I like OGG myself, because it is a free format (see and most MP3 players either have built in OGG support, or a downloadable plug-in - it may not be the underground standard, but it is popular enough that most people wouldn't have to do anything special to use it.

Perhaps having files in ogg format or one of the other formats (wmv?) could be a way to save space and have better quality files?

Just a thought I hope it is helpful.


Daniel van de Laar

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