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 Where is your First Love for Jesus??

An Alarm is sounding , do you hear it? A call to arms is decreed by the commander in chief. The enemy of hypocrisy and on his heels comes that ugly spirit of luke warmness. We have seen these spirits at work in the church before, but not like this! Many of God's people don't study the word, to show themselves approved unto God. They don't see the difference between the false and the true. Very little discernment is in the House of the Lord today. WHY? WHY?? Because of sin is allowed in my temple, it dwells in the hearts of my people! Where are my prophets? Who will speak out against this grevious thing???When I come back to earth, will I find Faith among my people, sayest the Lord? Yes this is a very serious matter in which we as the body of Christ must seek earnestly the heart and mind of the Lord. In these last days, we need to sound the trumpet, to come before the Lord, to declare a fast and repent. The call is to wait upon Him, to get alone with Him and pray in the Spirit. We must cleanse our hearts, turn from the wickedness we entertain. The Lord is coming, to pour out His Spirit, the latter rain. Who is thirsting for righteousness? Holiness? Who is ready? Where are the watchman on the wall? The enemy is in the camp. Awake out of your slumber church and get on fire in love for Jesus!!! Do not except the hypocrisy in our mist, especially in our own hearts. Be clean from all defilement of Spirit and flesh, perfecting Holiness in the fear of the Lord 2 Cor 7:1
Come Lord quickly!


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