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 9 Iranians baptized in our church today

Dear folks, allow me to encourage you with this testimony.

About 2 years ago, a young Iranian couple had fled to Germany in order to escape persecution. They just barely escaped a raid by the secret police. The wife once had terrible burns form an exploded gas stove. She was in hospital and though she would be disfigured for the rest of her life. Christians prayed over her and she was completely restored.

They faced deportation in Germany and claimed church asylum. That meant they were protected as long as they stayed on the premises of our church, which they did. In the end their asylum was granted and the restrictions were loosened.

In the course of last year many Iranians came to our church. Some had found Christ in Iran, others were witnessed to by fellow Iranians who found Christ.

A couple of months ago we baptized about 10 of them. Today we baptized another 8 or 9.

We heard some heart-breaking testimonies.

A young Iranian got friendly with a Syrian Christian on the flight from Turkey to Greece. He heard the Syrian praying fervently for the safety of the journey. Then the disembarked with 3 boats for Greece. 2 boats got shipwrecked an lost their human cargo to the raging seas. The young Iranian and his Syrian friend were on the boat that made it. He turned to Christ.

Another young man share the story that he met with Christians in northern Iran. They met in house or sometime even in cars for fellowship.

A 67 year old lady came to Christ through the witness of a Armenian (not Arminian!) friend. Later she discovered that her daughter in law was about to betray her to the authorities. She fled the Iran leaving family and home behind.

Another guy came from a troubled home and grew up without a father. He worked in a factory where the owner showed him fatherly kindness. His conduct and behaviour was very different from the others. The owner witnessed Christ to him and introduced him to a Christian fellowship. Seeing that his future in Iran as a Christian would mean much hardship, he fled the country.

The service ended with songs that were sung in German and Farsi (the Persian language) At the end the Iranians sung one of their own songs for us in Farsi.

Many of those baptized were deeply disappointed and disillusioned about Islam and life in general in Iran.

You hear stories like this from all over Germany. An Armenian-Iranian man who lived in Germany for many years started a church a while back. Recently they had 200 baptisms and it was even in the news.

In our little home fellowship we have a couple from Nigeria. The wife's parents were killed by Boko Haram.

The church in most parts of Europe is fast asleep whereas others risk their life to come to us hoping to find a safe haven and start a new life. It is wonderful to see how many people in our church start to look after these Iranians. I hope they will grow strong and do not adapt our soft gospel. I pray that some will go back to Iran and help the churches there.

We German Christian have not prayed for a revival in Iran. Instead of us going they are delivered to our doorstep. We cannot take credit but we are glad to help.

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 Re: 9 Iranians baptized in our church today

My brother in Christ truly God be praised that He is reaping the Harvest in Germany. Tears come to my eyes as I read your post. For truly the German church is being far more blessed and we in America.

Your Chancellor Merkel under much criticism opened her borders to the refugees. God has blessed her for this and your church is being blessed. We on the other hand have a presidential elect who wishes to keep the harvest out. I believe the American church has been denied the blessing of seeing a harvest fulfilled in our nation.

Again God bless your church brother. Will be praying for the harvest to come in Germany. We'll be sharing your post with my people on Persecution Watch.


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Praise God.

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