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Bear- you are a steward of your right to vote whether you like it or not. If God tells you not to vote, then as His steward you should not vote. If not voting helps to get a militant abortionist elected, among other evil platforms, then I am not sure how not voting is good stewardship.


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Hi bear,

You wrote:

Early Christians were not involved in the political system of the day. One did not see a bumper sticker on the back of an ox cart that said "Vote Ccesar". Or another bumper sticker that would say "Down With Rome".

That is something of the point. There were no "politics" during the early Roman Empire in any modern context of the word at the time of Caesar -- and many centuries following -- because rulers were not selected by the people.

The American republic was unique among the governments of this earth by the manner in which the government was created. It was formed by consent of the people. The laws are adopted by consent. The laws -- including the Constitution -- can be changed by consent. The government rulers -- with varying, temporary terms -- are chosen by consent. Even local officials (e.g., school board members, mayors, constables, etc.) are selected by the consent of the people.

In other words, by birth, you're a steward by your earthly "citizenship" of what happens in the land of your earthly habitation. You have the ability to choose who does or does not govern the land, make the laws, decide the laws, etc.

Yes, our NEW birth gives us a heavenly "citizenship." Yet, even God -- the creator of all things -- has raised up fallible men to rule (by His choice).

In a similar sense, God is our healer -- the "Great Physician." That doesn't mean that I can't use an aspirin when I have a headache or that the Prophet Isaiah wouldn't use a medicinal plaister for Hezekiah because God would heal him anyway (Isaiah 38). Sometimes, God uses earthly means -- five smooth stones, a poultice, a fish with a coin in its mouth, etc. -- to accomplish things.

Yes, our great stewardship is the Cross of Christ -- and to preach his Gospel. At the same time, you still have "earthly" responsibilities to take care of your family -- temporary that they might be -- while you concurrently remain faithful to your heavenly stewardship. To borrow a common American colloquial term: A person can "walk and chew gum at the same time." A person can be an apostle of Jesus Christ while building tents. A person can be a fisher of men while feeding his family as a fisher of fish. A person can build the kingdom of God while building houses for people of earth.

I suppose that this a different way to consider the matter. I have to make decisions everyday -- many of them seemingly very "earthly" in the sense of work, family (as Paul called such concerns in I Corinthians 7:32-35) and interactions all day long -- while I still maintain my faith in Christ. A vote in this country of our temporary citizenship is just that -- a decision. It isn't a decision of allegiance, worship or some ridiculously vain hope of achieving a move of God through legislative or political means. For the most part, it is simply deciding who would be a better executive decision maker in Washington for four years.

I do respect your opinion. I hope that this didn't come across as haughty or even "preachy." I just hope that you can understand the perspective of those who might feel no condemnation if they decide (or even feel led) to vote.


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