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 Re: Mike

Brother your intentions were good. Who is not to say that in the future evil times, Hobby Lobby and other Christian companies will be shut down for some other infraction against the LBGT.

The praise God for right now they are in business. But for how long only God knows.


 2016/10/18 19:58

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Mike, it is an easy mistake.

Funny story. Most are familiar with "The Onion", right? The satirical online newspaper that runs deadpan spoof articles on almost every topic and personality. Presidents, billionaires, wife beaters, multiple national championship winning college football coaches who excel in their field above their peers like, oh, Nick Saban. And Bill Hybels, pastor at Willow Creek.

One summer about 11 years ago, The Onion had run an article that said Willow Creek church had announced it was shutting down for the summer because people were just so busy, attendance was down anyway, etc. anyone who reads The Onion would know better than to believe it, and their serious faux news is what makes it entertaining.

Well, I had read it and snickered and thought nothing of it. A couple of weeks later I was working on a project at the church we belonged to. The pastor's wife mentioned to me with shock and offense that Willow Creek was closing for the summer and could I believe such a thing? I probably should have corrected her but I thought, "That will just embarass her and what is the harm if she believes it?" So, I didn't.

Point is anybody can read anything and if it has thhe right tone and seems true, we will assume that it is. Online, those inaccurate stories sometimes take on new life because they don't totally disappear. I think we have all been taken at least once. Except, you know, Nick Saban. (Roll Tide.)


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