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 Pray for the singing preacher of Topanga

I got this letter from my dear friend,Pastor Glenn:

Dear friends and loved one;
Last saturday I entered the Bear Valley Hospital emergency unknowingly experiencing a heart attack. They sent me down to the desert in Apple Valley to St. Mary's Hospital where they have a great Cardiac unit. A team of doctors got right on the problem. They wanted to do a angiogram right away, but they discovered I had pneumonia and was bleeding terribly from the lungs. Wednesday morning it was sheduled but I prayed from the ICU room that God would give the Doctors Wisdom on whether to do the test. They called it off for the time being. Late, after my Pulmologist did a Broncoscopy in my lungs they found they were veryinflamed and bleeding. They told me later that I could have died easily if they had done the angiogram. Thank God they listened to His wisdom.
I just got released today, Friday, June 3rd and am now home resting. The Cardiologist is pretty sure I have some Blockage or more in my heart which could be why I've been having so many bouts with Congestive Heart Failures and Breathing problems. If everything goes on shedule and my lungs heal, I'll be having the angiogram in about 3 to 4 weeks. Then we will know what to do. I believe this is a start of my health improvement even though it's a rough way to get there. :)
I started singing and worshipping the Lord out loud in the ICU in the wee hours of the night on wednesday as they were trying to decide what to do with me. The Lord was so close to me at that time. The staff were all so good to me and have been so supportive. I have new brothers and sisters now.
Sorry, I couldn't reach most of you since I was powerless and frankie sure had her hands full. I will be updating you when I can dear friends. I appreciate all your prayers.
The following is from an email sent to me by a pastor Mark Stewart which I claim for y own future and yours as well. God Bless all of you.
Evangelist Glenn and Frankie Adkins
The Lord's Trumpet.

 2005/6/3 22:42

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