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 Hurricane Matthew

If anybody has heard about the hurricane about to hit Florida, I have a good friend who is a brother in Christ who is a sheriff in Brevard county where the eye of the hurricane is supposed to hit the hardest around 2-3am (EST) tonight. Please keep Florida in prayer.

Doug R

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Tennessee, but my home's in Alabama

 Re: Hurricane Matthew

Not all clear of course but looks like major hit will be avoided.


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 Re: Hurricane Matthew

I live in Miami. We have had NO effect from Hurricane Matthew. A little rain, very little wind.

For Brevard county, the news now is that the eye will stay offshore. The good news is that even though the winds at the eye of the storm are at 135 mph, winds of this speed are only on the east side of the eye, which will remain offshore. The west side of the eye has winds of only 75-80 miles an hour, which though hurricane strength, is only a category one hurricane. We have gone through category one storms several times, and though power may be lost, there is usually not a huge amount of damage or life loss.

Thanks for all the prayers. God has heard them. :)


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Lakeland FL


I am in Lakeland which is about 1 hour southwest of Orlando. We were expected to get tropical storm force winds but I have no seen then. Just occasional rains and the clouds are moving quickly to the southeast. Not much to see in reality here but it is different on the east coast.


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