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 Day of evil, day of blessing; I Samuel 6 - hand of the Lord by Dan Biser

I Samuel 5:6, "but the hand of the Lord was heavy upon them":
5:7 "for His hand is sore upon us, and upon our god"
5:9 "the hand of the Lord was against the city with a very great destruction"
6:3 "it shall be known to you why His hand is not removed from you"
6:5 "peradventure He will lighten His hand from off you"
6:9 "then ye shall know that it is not His hand that smote you, but some chance"
That same day - 6:15, 16
Unto this day - 6:18;
On that day - 7:6, 10

What day is it? To those that have blinders they will say, "It's Oct. 5" or "its Wednesday". And granted that is so. But that is not the premise of the question in light of the above verses. Is it a day of evil or a day of blessing? In Bible readings and transmitting notes from old Bible to new Bible, these passages, along with the activities so far this month the Lord is speaking and revealing this truth.

On my facebook account they have 'memories' from years gone by of what I have shared. And looking at those memories for the first of October I see the consistent pattern of sin and evil that has plagued our nation. A continual cycle of those things of evil that we wrestle and pray against. And seeing this consistent pattern, I shared through our newly developed group prayer text to stand in the gap and not allow for this to be a day of death, a day of cursing, a day when the hand of the Lord goes out against the people.

Too many dismiss these passages due to limited understanding of God and Scripture, they refuse to acknowledge that our nation, and the church is under judgement of God. His hand has gone out against us as these passages covering when the Philistines had the ark, and God's hand went out against them with emerods and against Dagon; but HE also went against Israel, Bethshemesh and Eli's family. This sermon of 'destruction' I preached at Fox's Hollow this past Sunday, uploaded to my youtube page.
Consider these actions of God's hand:
--it was heavy upon them
--sore upon them
--against them
--it had not been removed
--to lighten off of us
--it smote us

And the correlation of the verses that I shared of time. When did this happen upon the Philistines and Israel? 'The same day' 'this day'

Now look upon our nation! Is His hand lightened off of us? Is it not sore against us for our sins and iniquities? Where is the cry of the church this day for these things?
This day:
--32 yr old man here in WV sexual assaults and abuses 9 month baby;
--two parents dead of drug overdose in Pittsburgh, leaving 7 yr old, 5 yrs. and baby unattended;
--devastation of hurricane;
--a man shot and killed locally in my very rural area;
--And how much more is unreported or hasn't come to light yet?

This day the hand of the Lord has gone out against us sorely. And you and I to understand these truths are to step up and stand in the gap to intercede for these things. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A DAY OF EVIL!! But it can be a day of blessing! For God's good hand to go out and prosper His kingdom, His people, His great Name sake.

the continual behavior, and actions of men are evil in these days. Things that are to be recognized for the day in which we live. All of these things are done because we have forsaken the Lord God in our institutions of family, government, education and even in His Own house. But the greatest fault of allowance of days of evil, is due to the church to recognize specific sins, actions and reactions of the church and society, and failure to plead and live holy and rightly in His sight and ways.

There must be a restitution of relationship with Him as He has spoken in His Word. That means, there must be a return to study to show ourselves approved unto Him. Neglect of His Word, knowledge of Him and His ways is a great sin upon the pulpits and pews of the churches. How dare any Christian say, "I believe the Bible" yet they never have read the Bible. No wonder we can't quench the fiery darts of the wicked one. No wonder he has so much allowance of days of evil due to our failure to prevail in spirit and truth.

Now we are seeing this tide turn 'a little' in remote places. The remnant is deepening I believe and adding numbers to their ranks. In this remnant there is a return to holiness; a more defined and permanent prayer life; a devouring of His Word; a constant sharing of eternity with men and women; a love for Him. We continue to pray for this kind of 'days of blessings' upon the church. And for those bodies of believers that are in it in such times throughout the week, each day; we rejoice in their steadfastness and pursuit. But let's be honest, how hard it is to find.

So let us recognize in the below updates of prayer concerns how the Lord has gone out against us. How fierce is this hand, just as it was in I SAmuel 5 - 6. And let us know that each day, this day, it is a day of evil, or a day of blessing. And how much more that those days are determined by our prayer closets. I often think upon this, as God stirs me more and more for the midgnight to mid morning hours to pray. I often think He is moving me to pray for the work of Satan that is being plotted, organized and set into motion. I tear all that apart by the power of prayer for His glory.

May this be a constant prayer of ours: 'May this day be a day of blessing; May You stop the works of evil before it becomes a day of evil'

--100 drug overdoses each day across the US: Maryland reports over 900 death so far in first half of this year;
--what is not addressed not dealt with yet, as Pittsburgh shows, orphans are being left in huge numbers; foster care and orphanages are being inundated with huge increase to meet this need; what role will the church have?
--murder-suicides are starting to creep up more and more in headlines; I fear the ground gained over these last months, we are losing; re-emphasize the taking of the ground to deliver them from such evil;
--close of this year too much focused on football, holidays; we forfeit the ground to Satan with such distractions; be resolved not to lose the ground as we finish this year;
--hurricane destruction to impact US; continued hand of the Lord gone out against us through disasters this year; stop and consider all the flooding this year alone;
--homicides in cities at record numbers - Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, Baltimore etc. join in agreement with churches and labors to cover these places that it not be days of evil, but days of deliverance from evil;
--elections are to be surrendered to the Lord; "Thy will be done" we are to get what we deserve in the midst of these days of evil; that's the reason we are faced with the choices we are;
--Aleppo in Syria, humanity crisis in this warfare; heighten Russia/China/US confrontations in Middle East and China Sea; one moment, one day of evil can lead to WW III;
--drought in Africa and need of seeds and rain; Oct. 9 Word Hunger Sunday;
--a prayer against another day of evil in school shootings, public executions, etc. A prayer of deliverance of the hand of the Lord from going out against us sorely;

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