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 150 trillion dollars in worldwide debt

I saw a news article that the total worldwide debt is $150 trillion. Wow.

Another article (I got curious) says that the worldwide wealth (all forms) is $291 trillion. Of that, I suppose that $150 trillion in debt shows up as an asset, too, so maybe the net worth of the whole world is about $140 trillion. (?)

The numbers are so high that they become meaningless.

To compare, there are 3 trillion trees on Earth. If you valued each tree at $5, you'd have a visual representation (sort of) of the value of all that is (in economic terms).

I just thought it was interesting.


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 Re: 150 trillion dollars in worldwide debt

Brother Tim,
This is interesting as a few years back (when AIG posted several trillion in debt) I looked into it and found what appeared to be that the debt on record actually exceeded the face value of all currency in circulation which itself is telling...

Earlier this year I stumbled upon a series done in 2011 by a Scottish brother called "Know your enemy". It's a biblical perspective on multiple topics including the use of debt as a resource.
I'm sure you could find it on YouTube, and while it's a total of probably 10 hrs, it's broken up by topic into 8-15 min segments which I found very informative.
I'm wondering if any other saints had viewed these and had an opinion on their contents ?


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