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 Democratic Resolution Honors Planned Parenthood

Democratic Resolution Would Honor Planned Parenthood as 'Essential Thread in Fabric of Society' -

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) introduced a resolution last week to "recognize the importance of Planned Parenthood's contributions to women's health care and reproductive rights in America over the last 100 years." The resolution voiced strong support for the nation's largest abortion provider, declaring that "the organization remains an essential thread in the fabric of society, and it will be key in the next century to assisting millions of women, men, and young people in accessing the health care they need and deserve, no matter who they are or where they live." "Planned Parenthood should not be defunded, attacked, or discriminated against for their role as a vital women's health care provider across the country," the resolution stated. (Read more)

- Father God, we strongly come against this resolution in the Senate in the name of Jesus, and speak out that the truth of what Planned Parenthood actually does will come out even more because of this effort to promote this evil institution.

We pray that the issue of their selling baby parts for outrageous profits will ever be before the public and the mainstream media will not be able to portray it in any light except the evil that it is. We speak against the misrepresentation of them being an organization that provides healthcare unobtainable elsewhere and pray for God's warriors to rise up against this genocide, in Jesus' name, amen and amen.

- "That innocent blood be not shed in thy land, which the Lord thy God giveth thee for an inheritance, and so blood be upon thee." (Deuteronomy 19:10


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 Re: Democratic Resolution Honors Planned Parenthood

Sneak peek at the plaque.

In Recognition Of Your Contribution To Genocide
And More Than 40 Years Of
Abominable Murders Of Unborn Babies,
Millions of Shattered Adult Lives,
Infliction Of Profit-Motivated Psychological And
Emotional Trauma On Vulnearable Women Everywhere,
And Supplying Stem Cell Harvesters Cheaply Obtained Genetic
Material Disguised As Advancing Medicine,
The Souls Of 100 Million Dead Babies Presents This Plaque
Of Gratitude To


(You do know I made that up.)


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Hi All
This is an issue that has been stirred up inside me for the last few weeks.
Abortion is such a great evil a horror.
However on my reflections I have come to the conclusion that pro Abortion campaigns are running rings around us.I want to be honest about it,we are loosing.Before we can start winning we have to be honest and regognise that fact.
Thats the starting point I believe.....
Now we have to ask why are we loosing?
We then have to ask how are we with God on our side going to address the situation.
Lets write down specific reasons why we are loosing and try with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit come up with away to deal with that problem.
For isntance we are not getting simple truths accross:
Lets Think outside the box on SI and come up with some answers,solutions and plans specific in nature and turn this battle around.Come on Girls and Guys we can do this we can turn this situation around.The Enemy is clever but we have the smartest most intelligent person on our side.
Please have a think and a prayer and write one simple thing down.
I Will start,this is a particular weakness the pro abortion campaign have I have noticed with the help of God.Have u noticed any weakness?
Language Problem:Use of Term "Fetus"
Possible Solution:Make them say "Baby" or "Child"
Ok your turn.......

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1) In general the democratic platform is pro-abortion but it also very pro ecology and animal rights etc. I see this as a glaring inconsistency- they will go to great lengths to protect an endangered mollusk or orchid but do not see fit to protect a human life.

2) every pro-abortion advocate is a person who was not aborted

3) this is a little "out there" but if gets to the point that parents can genetically assure that their children not be homosexual or transgender there will be an outcry by the LGBT agenda that fetuses have "rights" not to have their sexuality tampered with. The second they say a fetus has rights, they lose on the abortion issue because surely a fetus would also have the right not to be killed.


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Hi Tmk
Thats it exactly all of those points are useful and I especially think point 3 is so apt and useful,
Whose next....?

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Hi Tmk
Let them answer the question
Should we be allowed to abort a baby thats Transgender?
Whose next....

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 Re: Democratic Resolution Honors Planned Parenthood

the organization remains an essential thread in the fabric of society, and it will be key in the next century to assisting millions of women, men, and young people in accessing the health care they need and deserve, no matter who they are or where they live

Isn't the unborn child a person that needs and deserves health care? The average pro abortion advocate ignores this question but that is the only question that really matters. Is that unborn child a person? If not, then abort away, no excuses or arguments are needed. If yes, then there is no excuse that is valid for abortion, none. This is the question we need to press.

In Christ,

Ron Halverson

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Hi Inthelight
Firstly I hope Abideinhim is not offended by the direction the thread is going by my behest but I really feel this is important and can change to a separate one if nessacary.
Secondly I think your totally right for two reasons one of course an unborn needs and deserves health care and two its a simple question that needs to be considered and answered.
I touched on it earlier as well when talking about the langauage problem they have with fetus and baby.
What are you pregnant with?is another way at looking at it.The answer is always a Child or baby or a boy or a girl or at a stretch they may say Human.
My point is I guess this monster has many legs; lets cut the legs out from under him one by one
We need practical tools to deal with the issues.
One that stands out a mile for me is that the majority of children (someone said 96% ithink its 98 or 99)are aborted
due to illegitimacy or economic reasons.
So in effect these Children are being "Sacrificed"
Its good old "Child Sacrifice"
Everyone knows human sacrifice is wrong and unacceptable.
Our Placards and Posters are saying the truth but its not having effect we need to change the point of attack.
If WILLIAM WILBERFORCE can help end African American slavery surely we can succeed too.
If anyone else has an insight or wisdom from God please post...

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 Re: Democratic Resolution Honors Planned Parenthood

Quote from Documentary (about having a child with Downs Syndrome and testing for Downs Syndrome)
What kind of Society do we want and what kind of person do we want to live in that society?
What I thought was going to be a tragedy ended up being a comedy.
Just watching its very good so far

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Just have to post this from documentary
In Iceland in the last 5 yrs 100% of all pregnancies tested with Downs Syndrome have been terminated!
Tearful heart rending

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