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 The Living God

Andrew Murray:

"The living God! This name was used in the Old Testament as a contrast to the dead idols of the heathen. ln the New Testament it points us to the danger of our forming an image of God, not in wood or stone, but in our mind and imagination —a thought-image, in which there is neither life nor truth. What we need first of all in religion is that we believe that God is, that our faith realise Him as the living One, who is all that He is, in the power of an infinite life and energy. He is the living God! He speaks and hears. He feels and acts. He has the power to make us know that He is near to us, and that He receives us when we come near to Him. The knowledge of the living God is the ground of a living faith, a living fellowship, a living service. As the living God, He is all, and does all and fills all — the ever-present, ever-working God."

(from his book "Holiest of All")


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 Re: The Living God

Amen He is the 'Living God" the Great I Am the Alpha and the Omega..
To God be the Glory (:


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