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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Please pray for a friends toddler who drowned and is on life support

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 Please pray for a friends toddler who drowned and is on life support

The childs name is Judah and is on life support. He wouldn't be able to breathe without it apparently. The doctors fear he is brain dead and they are waiting for the brain swelling to subside etc. Please pray the parents hang in there and hold onto God for a miracle and not rush this decision they doctors will press them to make.

"There is a small response in his right eye, left there is nothing. They were going to see if he is brain dead, but for now are holding off. Its a tiny slither of hope, but my wife and I have decided that until the Medical team categorically declare him dead, we will keep on believing and hoping in God for a miracle".

 2016/9/26 10:35

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 Re: Please pray for a friends toddler who drowned and is on life support

Praying here for Judah and his parents hoping for God's mighty hand to heal this child to the glory of God


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 Re: Please pray for a friends toddler who drowned and is on life support


Nigel Holland

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 Re: Please pray for a friends toddler who drowned and is on life support

Dear Heavenly Father from whom all fatherhood derives its name, hear our cry. See the desperation of these parents and have compassion on this family and on this child.
Hear from Heaven and heal this child, for Your own glory and because of Your own goodness.

Thanks for always hearing our prayers, in Jesus Name



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 Re: Judah Update

Judah Update:

"We just met with the Drs and they conducted a brain activity assessment : pupil dilation test. His right eye dilated - indicating brain activity!!! So they stopped the rest of the assessment. We will have a meeting with the Drs in 30 mins, where they will go through the options to determine how much brain damage Judah has.
He is still not breathing for himself, he still has significant brain swelling, but we take what we can as we live in hope. To all those who are praying, we love you very much. Praise God for this news!"

 2016/9/26 16:40

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Praise God!!!!

Jehovah Rapha


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God of miracles, God of love, You are able to complete what You have already started, to finish what You've already sustained in this child.

You've answered so many prayers, Lord. You've said, "Yes" to so many who have asked for healing. Lord, we've asked for it and ask again. For Judah. For Your glory. You've taken Kaitlyn, whose baby we prayed for and in our home fellowship, and you've marveled doctors who never saw a torn placenta like hers heal and yet they now expect the little girl (praise You, Lord) to deliver at full term. Who can do this but the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ?! None. None but You.

Bring Judah back. Bring him back to full health. Lord, you took JK, who I know personally, a 70+ year old woman who became paraplegic in a household fall last November, and you have given her healing. You never left her. You stayed with her and told her to keep trying. And, You, Lord -- YOU -- restored her feeling and strength and she has actually walked again when they said her chances were less than 5%.

You, Lord are the God who heals, restores, resurrects. It is easy for us to pray this with confidence because Judah is not our little boy. Oh, Lord, pour your Spirit out beyond our measure to his parents. Make the day of faith become the day of seeing You heal Judah fully.

Praise to You our God. Forgive our unbelief. Forgive me for even feeling inside as I pray this that I don't know what I'd do if this were my daughter. Your faithfulness is complete, though. Glorify Your holy name, Lord.

We ask in Jesus' name, Amen


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Just do it, Jesus. Nobody else in the universe can. Thanks.


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Oh Lord, hear our cry for this child!! Glorify Your name!

 2016/9/26 20:42Profile


Sadly little Judah (3 yo) has passed into eternity to be with Jesus. Please pray for comfort and peace for the family.

"It is with crippling sadness that we share that our sweet little boy, Judah has died.

I am forever torn asunder, and we both fall heavily into the arms of Jesus. .

May the Lord bless you Judah, and keep you, and make His face shine upon you our sweet little man.

Until we are united in heaven, we all will miss you terribly Juju ma.

Daddy xxx "

 2016/9/27 0:50

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