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 Why are we silent regarding the persecuted church?

From Voice of the Persecuted...

Voice of the Persecuted) What in the world is going on with our lawmakers? While the Western media puts all the focus on our election, their silence covers up the continued persecution and genocide of Christians. Is it any wonder that a large majority in the U.S. are still ignorant that persecution is even taking place, today?

Iran is increasing pressure on Christians, even raiding their family outings, beating and arresting them on trumped up charges of attempting to overthrow the government.

Iran continues to violate international human rights agreements and treaties, whose signatories are supposed to respect basic rights such as the right of religious freedom, personal security and dignity, the right to be free from arbitrary detention, the right not to be subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, the right to humane conditions of detention, the right to a fair trial and the right of victims to justice and to reparation. While Iran escalates high seas harassment of our U.S. Navy ships—chants “Death to America” following Friday prayers—vows to wipe Israel off the face of the map—imprisons or executes anyone who dares to speak out against the corrupt religious views the Iranian regime—enforced or involuntary disappearances—arrest, beat and torture Christians. Why? They follow and believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. This is seen as a huge threat by the Iranian Regime. It’s outrageous beyond comprehension how the West remains silent of these human rights abuses.

In Turkey, the government run news (no Turkish news agency operates without government consent) published a propaganda article that said the Patriarch of the oldest Orthodox Christian community was involved in the recent coup to oust Erdogan. (Read More) Later, they took it down, but not before it was spread far and wide. This adds to the real threat of danger for Christians living in the country. But, the West is silent AGAIN!

The media is finally beginning to cover the plight of Pakistanis who fled persecution. Pakistan is one of the most dangerous nations for religious minorities. In Thailand, they suffer immensely as illegals though they hold UNHCR asylum certificates. Yet, our lawmakers drag their feet to help these suffering Christians.

The latest 10,000 Syrian refugees admitted into the U.S. included only .5% Christians. It’s shameful that a powerful sovereign nation such as North America, allows the UN to dictate which refugees we take in. In 2015, Republican Sen. Tom Cotton said this “unintentionally discriminates against Christians and other religious minorities who are reluctant to register as refugees with the United Nations for fear of political and sectarian retribution.”

Our leader’s response, “That’s not American. That’s not who we are. We don’t have religious tests to our compassion.”

The American people have long demonstrated unmatched compassion for the world’s persecuted and endangered, he said.

Why do they find this so hard to understand? It’s not about religious tests, but helping those at the greatest risk. We agree 100% with Cotton, our reliance on the United Nations for referrals of refugees should also be re-evaluated and changed.

Pakistan has become increasingly dangerous for Christians and yet the Pakistani government still receives aid funds from the West.

Boko Haram is actually intensifying it’s attacks on Christians in Nigeria and surrounding areas (confirmed) and yet the promises of change by Buhari is now viewed as empty words by those who surrendered their vote to him. The world sees how the promise of hope and change has worked out for our nation, now darkened with deep divisions and growing racial tension among it’s citizens.

The DAESH (ISIS), although you wouldn’t know it by our politicians or news media, has made strides in Iraq, attacks the West through recruits, called ‘lone wolves’ by the media and government agencies as genocide and abuses continue unabated.

Yet, the U.S. President and Secretary of State have the unmitigated gall to say the world is safer than ever and climate change is our greatest danger. Who do they think they’re fooling? Wake up Church!

Refugee camps from Africa to the West are rotting with infiltrators who rape, torture and kidnap for the sex trade. This is a proven fact. In fact, today in a report of the plight of girls arriving in Italy from Africa, they are traded as sex slaves and the boys as servants. Again, the agenda of the West turns a politically correct eye and remains silent, when they should be shouting out from the rooftops! So ashamed and saddened that the American voice for truth and justice has become barely a whisper.

Churches in the West are almost as much to blame. Their silence on persecution, abortion and human rights abuses— only concerning themselves with filling their coffers. Too few are speaking out.

For a nation that screamed “NEVER AGAIN” after WWII, we have failed miserably in the eyes of God and those suffering in the world.

Proverbs 21:13

Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard.

Challenge your church to share more about the persecuted. To dedicate a few moments each week to unite in prayer for our suffering brethren. Let’s change our attitude so we can change the atmosphere in Christ, through the power of prayer. It can happen today and begins with one voice speaking out—and that voice is yours.


Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer


 2016/9/7 14:28

 Re: Why are we silent regarding the persecuted church?

You mean like...

...RIGHT NOW at this very moment?!?

(Hopefully, it is because we are meditating as a Body upon this "very heart" of Christ's bosom)...

Love-Y'all-Soooo-Much-in Christ Jesus,

esp. the "Persecuted Church"!

P. S.

Maybe there is a missing link in our spirit which causes us to overlook His essence in such an obvious...

That is what convicts the very least...

 2016/9/7 16:22


When you go into detail over the tirelessly deliberate efforts made by these principalities and the globalized "body politic" to oppress and persecute makes me ponder EVEN FURTHER...???

Why (how?) is the Loving and Peaceful Embrace of the Body of Christ SOOOOOO offensive and threatening on a socio-polical level??? We already know how our power manifests in the Spiritual Realm (I Cor. 3)...yet in the natural realm, The Body of Christ says "Go For IT, Knock Yourself Out (as your striving will soon prove to do so), Been there, done that...we don't want ANY part of it! So what (in the natural realm where they operate and thrive) so offends and intimidates these persecutors???

We represent two very contradictory ways of life, as we have seen in I Cor 2. You cannot mix them; one excludes the other; there is no compromise possible between them.

At the close of that chapter, the apostle has clearly distinguished them: There is the natural man, he says, and the natural thinking which is shared by the world around and which, therefore, is limited, confused and uncertain in its judgment. Then there is spiritual thinking. The spiritual man has been given by the Spirit the mind of Christ, and his thinking, therefore, is comprehensive; it takes in all things. It is authoritative; the spiritual man is not to be judged by anyone. It is realistic; it deals with life as it really is. We do not even engage...



 2016/9/7 16:33

 Re: Persecution in this real world

Only by supernatural inspiration from the saints,

I am thinking about the interview I watched (in the middle of the night) recounting stories of Christian persecution in North Korea by a survivor (whom I have never even heard of nor given a second thought, until, beautiful woman named Hea Woo...

...if not for my flesh needing sleep, I could have listened to and read the subtitles of her interview ALLLL (for the tenfold version of years / decades in which she AND her Christian mother, husband and children were persecuted in North Korea).

She escaped twice and she said soooo many things that were just characteristic only of one in whom the Lord speaks in Matt. 5:10...

She actually referred to her imprisonment and persecution in North Korea as a blessing because it taught believers to worship the Lord with whatever is made available to them...

...In her case, no written bibles, only the hearing and very very secretive sharing of its stories...

hiding under blankets in a North Korean cornfield with two or more gathered together...

Speaking of North Korean cornfields...

The persecution she suffered "INSPIRED" her to share and sacrifice (with other "non-believing" prisoners) the most prized possession of a prisoner jailed in a North Korean cell..."corn meal"...she shared it and went hungry in the midst of already being starved with her cell mates whilst imprisoned for her Christian faith...

this type of faith was inspired in the persecuted heart of woman WHOM HAD NO ACCESS with the Written Word of God, but rather the "hearing"...

she never bragged or boasted about her suffering, not even when she spoke of the "impossibility" of the churches she planted in the very midst of her imprisoned darkness - she immediately qualifies this feat by saying

"yes, I planted churches during my imprisonment and persecution in North Korea, but it was the Lord Jesus Christ who did this thru me, not me"

Who are these people...that WE are NOT mindful of them?!?


 2016/9/8 13:12


chrriiisssss said:

"I remember when I had a shoe box filled with Leonard Ravenhill and David Wilkerson sermons when I was a teenager. To me, that shoe box was worth far more to me than any treasure chest filled with gold! Now, those cassette tapes are stored somewhere because SermonIndex allows me to have immediate access to so many heart-provoking messages by these men of God (and many others)!"

How much more of a treasure chest to the saints in North Korea and Russia...

 2016/9/8 14:42

 Re: Why are we silent regarding the persecuted church?

'we' who ?

David Wilkerson was not silent - but who heard and then DID what is needed ?

Keith Green was not silent - but who heard and then DID what is needed ?

Corrie ten Boom came to the untied states and told of millions suffering and martyred ,

warned the churches here as David Wilkerson did for decades,
but who heard and then DID what is needed ?

"...the natural man receiveth not the spiritual things of God.."(listening right now to David Wilkerson's recorded sermon...)
David Wilkerson - Satan's Final War Plan Exposed

"Foxes Book of Martyrs" 'spoke out clearly, but who heard and then DID what was needed ?

Even as far back as Martin Luther - He spoke out and ONLY SOME HEARD, only a few.... and of those who heard, they did not go as far as was revealed but STOPPED short....

WHO is doing what is needed TODAY, in the untied states ?

IF no one is , then WHY would they be expected to do anything about the persecuted church in places ACROSS THE OCEANS?

Remember - speaking out leads to death.
The one who sabatogued Keith Green's airplane to crash openly repented of it (online now; I 'knew' and suspected many years ago - and just read the confession last week)...

Keith Green was assassinated.


David Wilkerson - Satan's Final War Plan Exposed ...
said satan is going after .... 'everyone' who is saved..
now saying "you have never been more tested than it is now"
(listening to the recording while I type)

yes, we are being slaughtered like sheep daily....

Jesus said Behold, I AM sending you out AS SHEEP in the midst of ravenous wolves... be of good cheer, I HAVE overcome the world....

the 'persecuted believers' in china, russia, africa, etc
praying (and have been for decades)
for the so-called 'american' church ..... they don't expect any help from it....
and in line with God's Plan and Purpose, they are praying and have been praying that there be persecution (to purify it) ... to separate the living from the dead... to see God's people set apart out of babylon....

 2016/9/15 0:49

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This world is not my home anymore.


Hey, question....

Joined: 2016/9/14

Are you JeffMar?

If it is, we should have an introduction thread to reintroduce ourselves!!! If so, welcome back!


 2016/9/15 9:11Profile

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If it is, we should have an introduction thread to reintroduce ourselves!!! If so, welcome back!


Once a member is removed and asked not to participate it would be wrong for them to try and sneak back on with a different username, This would not be honesty and living in the light before the Lord.

There were valid reasons why brethren were asked not to participate in the online discussions part of the website.

edit: brother Jeff confirmed it was not him! in how own words: "I would never do something in that way as a crafty, cunning, clever (& deceptive) run around to posting under multiple (or fake) names."


SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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This world is not my home anymore.



Sorry to insinuate craftiness, I thought if he was back on si, that it was ok'd by you. I in no way meant that he'd snuck back in. My apologies.

God bless,


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I also wondered for a short while if it were Jeffmar (because of the name I suppose), but after reading some posts figured that this was not him as it was not his style and Jeffmar is a straight guy who would not do this as he confirmed.

It does raise some questions about this 'Jeff', who has made multiple posts in one day, including bring back old ones like this for some reason. Maybe you can enlighten us all 'Jeff', as something does not feel right about your posts. What's the score? Are you really 'Jeff' or just playing games??


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