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 Re: Yet still...

The fourth and final beast, exceedingly dreadful and different from all before him, will target the Jewish race in particular and also those who bear the testimony of Jesus and are will be willing to befriend and stand with Jewry and Israel during this time. This personage will be slain by Christ at His second advent (II Thess 2:8) and surely we can't say this has happened. It has not a thing to do with the past sins and inwuisitions of the Roman Catholic Church.

David Winter

 2016/8/22 17:46Profile


That's a good point Docs. I believ that fourth beast & the 6th and 7th empire & the legs of iron and feet of iron miles with clay are the Islamic Caliphate (& the revised Islamic Caliphate).

And to clarify what I meant in the other thread & here below on the MARK: I could actually possibly see allowing for the Mark to be SPIRITUAL (non-visible) - I know that may surprise you 😊 - but I see the "NO MAN can buy or sell save the mark" as being pretty cut and dry & exclusive where it can't just mean some people in small numbers at various times in various environments at various times in history. That's like when people explain away the time of Jacob's trouble (the great tribulation) when it says a time "such as never was not ever will be). Can't do that based on context and reconciling all the texts in a hermeneutically responsible way. I see it both as LITERAL, but on the MARK, not NECESSARILY that it must be PHYSICAL. Make sense?

 2016/8/22 17:55


Hi David,

To make sure I am being accurate, what verses are you taking the 4th beast from?

 2016/8/23 9:19

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