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Dothan, Alabama

 Re: brother William

Yes Amen!!

When first compelled to start this thread the "knowing" you and brother Jeff spoke of is what I was hoping to get at....

It's an important thing to have intimacy, true intimacy and I believe that's what our Father is after,... tabernacling if you will-


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 Re: To know Him

This is a beautiful thread.

Here's an anecdote from my life:

One day, I was feeling very down... I knew that I ought to be trusting God and renewing my mind in accordance with His truth, but I was doing a lousy job at it anyway.

I reclined on the sofa, and was honest to God about my idolatrous desires. And taking my cue from a post I had read on this forum a long time ago, I said - "Deep down I just wish that all my desires were pointing to You."

While I was laying there, I heard God speak to me in my mind - "I have always loved you... even when you were a child."

Hearing God in such a manner is very rare for me, and that He would assure me of His love in such a tender way was the last thing I had anticipated. That He had already loved me, even before I had any conception of God!

That quickened my spirit, and I soon got up and went about the day happily.

The next day, I didn't hear God communicating those truths to me in the same way. But they were no less true, for they were contained in His Word (Isaiah 43, Gal 1:15-16).

His love will never fail. And the challenge for all of us is to continually trust in His love on a moment-by-moment basis. I still find that to be a challenge, though I'm a lot better now than when I first commenced my Christian journey.

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Joined: 2011/10/21
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Dothan, Alabama

 Re: brother John

I can mos def relate to your post:)

And like you, above all else I just wanna kno Him... More!

There are days where His presence is so thick I feel as though I may burst at the seams and other days that seem dry on contrast- tho like you say, His love is ever present and we have the promise of His word to rest in:)

The more I learn/kno Him the cooler He becomes tho I must confess He is dif in allot of ways than my mind could have imagined. He is just so far greater than I could've ever imagined and He is soooo good to me in spite of my getting distracted sometimes by the cares and concerns of this present world.

It's not His judgement that causes me to fear Him (sure that's there), it's His love...
It simply amazes me and leaves me in breathless awe how He can be so good and loving towards me even and especially when I'm just a mess and don't even love myself... What an awesome and beautiful God we serve and how great is His loving kindness towards us!

I'll be in the throws of some emotional turmoil and He will whisper to me to turn to Him, to call on Him and when I do He shows up in a mighty way and shows Himself strong in the situation establishing peace and truth by His presence!

Could go on all day.... telling you what all my savior does for me:)


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Yeuhan and Fletcher,

Beautiful testimonies...where the tyre hits the tar, as they say :)

The Lord in our experience...that's the reality we desire and need.


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