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 The Atheist Delusion

Check it out!

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 Re: The Atheist Delusion

It was really good, as the stuff Ray does always is. 😊 We downloaded & watched it as a family as soon as it was available & really was blessed & encouraged by it. It will be available to watch for free in a month or so. I would encourage anyone who is at all able to pay for the pre-release download now to support the ministry & the production of future projects, as the Lord leads. But even if you wait until it's mass released for free - definitely worth checking out. As are his others:

Audacity (actual short film style on homosexuality & the Gospel)
Evolution vs God (self explanatory)
180 (staggering! On comparing Nazi Germany to abortion)
Genius (concerning John Lennon & the emptiness of all this world offers)
Noah (on showing the signs of the times & "as it were in Noah's Day", etc.)

All available to watch for free online on YouTube - FYI

 2016/8/21 12:44

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 Re: Atheism

If you were the anti-christ you would want to rid the world of believers wouldn't you. After all they are a thorn in your side like the 2 witnesses.

Atheism is being used to overthrow America. Remove God from everyday conversation, from school, and have the TV channels put it down. Atheism flourishes in that environment. Happened to Russia long ago. They didn't invent communism, outsiders did. Especially trained forces overthrew the Tsar's who were evangelizing and distributing Bibles. The system ultimately collapsed and it has diverted back to orthodox Christianity. We are in the beginning of much evil in our land as well. We all see it. It's like a bad dream.

Perhaps there are outside forces that want to destroy America. Seems it's going according to plan. It looks like the flood of immigrants into Europe is planned as well. Perhaps atheism is fixing to reign supreme for a while. Just what Satan wants. We might as well get our heads out of our PC's and look around. In the days of Noah the world was filled with devil worshipers. Isn't it today?

Jesus isn't writing it off this time. The tribulation will turn many from atheism back to him. Many will make their robes white.

James R Barnes

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