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No problem, forrests.

Ok, now that forrests shared his final comment would still like to hear some reviews of the movie and whether anyone recommends it and why.

 2016/8/23 20:53

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 Re: PaulWest

by PaulWest on 2016/8/22 20:24:47

For a mature believer who knows the truth of his/her centrality in Christ, being known and hidden in God before the creation of the world, nothing can assail that rock. Not any movie, or book, or song. They can eat meat sacrificed to idols with a pure conscience; they can eat and drink and dance with their wives and husbands and enjoy life and give thanks to God.

The young believer, in weakness and double-mindedness, has to willfully allow the influence to penetrate the inner man, and then acquiesce to the lie against the knowledge of the conscience. Immature believers do not yet know by revelatory impact of their unassailable positions in the risen Son of God, and thus are in danger of every whim carried by the wind. Their minds are impressionable, and once a stronghold forms in the mind they can wander from the simplicity of the gospel. They can then be instructed to touch not, taste not, look not, etc. so a preacher can glory in the controlling of their flesh.

Mature believers, however, must take a double-heed to not only guard themselves from things which can defile their consciences and work contrary to their faith, but also to guard their allowances before their younger and more impressionable brothers and sisters who are still in the early stages of discovering their identities in Christ.

I disagree. I agree more with the following statement by C. H. Spurgeon:

"We may feel, in our own souls, that we have experience, now, and shall never again be intoxicated by the world's draughts, never more be deceived by its lies. But no sooner does Madam Bubble show her face than her strange fascinations draw our eyes! Let the world ring the bell and straightway we start up and our heart wanders, too often before we are aware of it! We know they are vain things— know it thoroughly—but yet, knowing it, we do not in our own nature therefore avoid them!

"Reckless of the snares, the birds are foolish enough to fly into them! Though we know that the draught is poisoned, yet is it so sweet that unless prevented by God's Grace, you and I would soon be drunk with it! Every child of God knows that he is a fool or he is a great fool, indeed, if he does not know it! Every heir of Heaven understands that there is within himself a very sink of vanities—his vicious tastes respond to the vile compounds of earth as "deep calls unto deep." "
(From "Vanity Deprecated")

~ Forrest

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This world is not my home anymore.


by Paul Weston 2016/8/23 10:01:42
Precisely. This is where the conscience comes into play. What may be permissible by one brother's conscience (going to the cinema), may not be allowed by another's. Everyone is at a different place in their walks with Christ. What is permitted by the conscience for one may not be permitted for another. Legalism is merely the legislation of one fleshly standard for all, regardless of whether each individuals' conscience permits it or not. Cults particularly revel in it. The JW's teach for example that blood transfusions are wrong for all, regardless of the individual conscience. And some fundamental Christian organizations have a strict dress codes for their women, legislated down from the executive level of the denomination and expected to be followed by all. It is no longer a matter of one's individual conscience and enlightenment in Christ, but a legislative group-control of the flesh. I don't believe this is the will of God for spiritual life under the New Covenant.

With this knowledge of liberty comes an amazing peace, and a tremendous gratitude toward God (not to indulge carte blanche in lasciviousness as those who do not understand this freedom automatically assume) for one's freedom from the law of sin and death. But we have been set free from sin and death to NOT be put under another law of dress codes, eating, drinking, hair length, cinema attendance, dancing, etc. The Holy Spirit guides the individual in all these areas, starting through men (teachers, pastors, deacons) who should be properly weaned themselves from the touch not, taste not, dress not, watch not laws of religious codes and ordinances. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case.

When I counsel a new believer I tell them they can watch whatever they want (gasp!), but to be conscious of what has been revealed in scripture and to be particularly sensitive to God as they approach it. I will not usurp the Holy Spirit; I want to direct the new believer to Him. I will ask them to examine themselves in light of scripture and discover the will of God on their own. If they are truly born again, all the ephemeral things will gradually unravel with God regarding how they should dress, eat, dance, if they can go to the movies, listen to non-Christian music, etc. And when they hear it for themselves directly from the Source, the matter will be settled with peace, joy, rest and blessed finality.

Brother Paul,

Thank you for this! God bless you!


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I am on the road traveling for work this week as much as I do not like being away from my beloved wife. I really enjoy my time with the Lord. No TV, no distractions just Him and I.

I am popping in and wanted to thank each and every thought, response, heart, conviction, I really mean that. I don't ever want to post a question or topic that would ever give foothold to the devil, our only true adversary to cause one another to stumble, or to cause strife, division, or disunity in our Lords body.

The word tells us there is safety in a multitude of counselors. So thanks for all your input, I do not disagree with the two positions that have been formed here, whether to go or not go.

My confidence is truly in the Holy Spirit and He is always my go to Person before I pose a question to the body. I originally stated that I was apprehensive in going to see this movie because of one of the actors who professes to be an atheist.

The purpose of going to the movie is not to be entertained because if I lived this life unto myself I would be content on the isle of Patmos, just me and the Lord. But, I have a wife, family, friends, who are not saved.

If I go to a movie which I have stated I prefer a Christian based, produced movie, it has never once been for myself but to go with a loved one, a brother in Christ, my wife, etc.

I am not struggling or wrestling with whether to go or not, if I go, there will be a purpose, if not, I am content.

Guys, the Lord is doing a marvelous work in my wife, she is mostly German so you know what that means, stubborn and hard headed. God is using things in this world in His mercy to draw my wife.

So it is for her benefit, if there be any, that I would go if I believed in my spirit she could take away just a glimpse of Jesus. My wife is not blind, she sees, and knows the life a live and I know she needs nothing beside that for God is able, willing, and capable of saving her however He sees fit. He already promised me, that He will save her. It cannot not happen, so by faith, this is where she remains until He manifests it physically.

I had to say what I have said for this reason, I have been leaning toward not going based on the input here and I have been at rest.

However, my boss, whom I have been witnessing to for some years now, whom the Lord is also drawing in a very miraculous way asked me the other day if I had gone to see the movie which I replied no. He began to ask me all kinds of spiritual questions and we went into deep discussion about Jesus, healing, forgiveness, love....

And I was reminded of this portion of scripture:

1 Corinthians 9:19-23 KJV (19) For though I be free from all men, yet have I made myself servant unto all, that I might gain the more. (20) And unto the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews; to them that are under the law, as under the law, that I might gain them that are under the law; (21) To them that are without law, as without law, (being not without law to God, but under the law to Christ,) that I might gain them that are without law. (22) To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some. (23) And this I do for the gospel's sake, that I might be partaker thereof with you.

My only motivation in life is to win souls for he who winneth souls is wise. This world has nothing left for me but people, my affection for it and its vices have been far removed.

If the Lord leads me to go, it will not be for me, but for others, even just one soul. If I can come down to a level that they can relate to and that won't cause me to sin, I want to be willing.

Please don't ask me if I would go out drinking, or smoke a joint, or go to a den of iniquity that degrades and abuses women to win souls because the answer is no, I have my limits as we all do.

Thanks again Saints, one on one, I have no argument with any position posted, I really respect how God is leading you because you are HIS workmanship, not mine or anyone elses, to say otherwise? Well, you get the picture.


David Fella

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Hey David,

That was beautiful, my brother. I sense the tenderness of the Spirit in your post and sincerely appreciate that.

I will agree with your prayers and God's promise concerning your wife and ALL your household! I hope I will still be here to hear the testimonies!! :)

God bless,


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 Re: Amen David

Amen, and I'm sorry if I came across harsh. I am speaking of one occupying their time with vain amusements, not one such as yourself - using these things as a tool to build bridges and in-roads, and to open the door of ministry with a loved one. I apologize if I have caused an offense.

The thing is, I (we) have a brother in the Lord who is in a similar situation. He loves Jesus and His Word, but his wife...apparently not so much. He isn't even able to talk to her about Him and it for more than a minute (maybe two, at most) before the door is shut.

Well, this brother was watching the "A.D." series with her, as a tool and a way to open the door and seek to minister Christ to her. Well, another brother gave him a hard time about that and really kind of "beat him up" about it without taking the time to find out his motives (I am convicted as I write this) and really gave him a hard time. It is really awful when we suffer (unrighteously and unjustly) at the hands of brothers (when we are sincerely and humbly walking in love).

I apologize for whatever measure of this I may have caused you. I do not condemn the use of things as a tool (so long as it follows Jesus' and His apostles' example and accords with the revealed truth of God) - I was discouraging the filling of ones longings and desires with this world rather than with Christ.

God bless you and His Spirit go with you if you do so choose to see the movie. And please receive my sincerest apology and deepest gratitude for your gracious words, Christian love and maturity, and wisdom in your post.

Your (ashamed and regretful) brother,


~ Forrest

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Good stuff brother David!

Tha is for sharing:)


 2016/8/24 11:15Profile

 Re: david

Absolutely beautiful post David. I love it. May God save your boss & your wife & let you get to rejoice with the Angels of heaven when it happens.

Similarly, I got saved around 18 years ago now. My wife grew up (as I did) going to church, attending church camps, "asking Jesus into your heart", & living the "almost Christian life" of American churchianity deception. I was the proverbial "bad boy" & my sins were many & open and obvious for all to see. Drugs, drunkeness, porn, violence, theft, serious promiscuity, crime, etc. But my wife was more a "Mrs Goody Two-Shoes". Sure, she was sinful at heart, had issues with self-righteousness, pride, bitterness, unforgiveness, etc. but she didn't see the severity of her sin and need for salavation.

She thought she was saved & people around us all thought she was saved. As her husband, her salvation & true condition was always a major concern to me that it wasn't complete in the sight of God. Then, 4 years ago, after the Lord FIRST BROKE ME DOWN, made me love her most when she deserved it the least, & showed her the dregs of sin in her heart, she got on her knees and cried out to God & surrendered & he saved her! I got to baptize her in a KOA Campground Hot tub. It was awesome! And then, maybe just 6 months later, my oldest son (like 12-13 at the time) got saved & I got to baptize him too!

I still have many more children & God gave me a Word of promise He would save them all (I have 6 more & 4 of them are from ages of almost 9 to almost 14). I believe Him, cling to that word given to me one day while fasting, praying, driving on the highway to Santa Fe, NM for work & praying in the Spirit & weeping in His presence. I know He has simultaneous (if not prerequisite) work He wants done in me in these things too. Loving most in grace, patience & love when it's deserved the least. Serving in love as Christ. But He is faithful!

Thanks for sharing & keep looking up & trusting Him!
God Bless,

 2016/8/24 11:36

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Canton, Michigan


My Dearest Brothers In The Lord,

You guys have really caught me by surprise today and have blessed me beyond words, I mean that with all my heart. I am deeply humbled and broken at Gods goodness as I am struggling physically with some pain, stress, and being a bit overwhelmed and the Lord has graciously been working out the most minute details with my job and duties.

My day since early this morning has been so blessed, before I turned in last night I received an email from Jon Butterfield and I was so thankful that he reached out to me as I have been praying for him. I was dog tired last night and was going to just offer a short reply and let him know I was going to pray about the many thoughts and questions he shared but the Lord gave me more to say than I had thought. As I read his testimony I prayed and asked the Lord to speak only His words to Jon and I was so grateful.

I then laid down and prayed myself to sleep pondering the many thoughts that are on Jon's heart and mind. I woke early, and again the Lord had more to say to Jon. Brothers, like most times when I write or post I do not necessarily go back and read my own writing so I cannot remember all the things I shared with Jon, only his questions and concerns.

After that I had some work to do before going on the road and just before I left I checked in to see what the brethren were up to and I checked several threads and decided to post to the BH thread. I was not looking for any response in return and to be truthful it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable kind of like getting my feet washed. I won't hesitate to wash others but it is a bit humbling to have mine washed.

But after such a blessed day and God taking away the pain and showing me such favor, He wasn't done with me, and I come back to my hotel room to read your edifying responses and words! I am sitting here in tears thinking, who am I that the Lord would be so mindful of me, and would visit me with such encouragement?

Brother Forrests, As I said, I do not disagree with anything you have shared, you did not offend me in any way, and you certainly do not owe me any apology! You are an example I would choose to follow as you imitate our Savior.

William and Fletcher, you brothers are such a blessing and encouragement and I just don't say it enough.

Jeff! Thanks for sharing that testimony brother. I to have been given that unmistakable promise from the Lord concerning my wife. I hope it is okay to share this with the other brothers but thanks for the pictures of you and your family! I wish we could do more of that here for those who feel comfortable enough with it. Another forum I am on we have profile pictures, which mine is a picture of my wife and I. But we have a Folder called Photo Gallery where we can post pictures, I love it and it is so helpful in being able to have a picture and name to associate with our prayers.

Unfortunately having some of the discussions we have here over cyber space can really take away from ones true tone, spirit, meaning, and heart. What a difference it would make if we could all be in the same room with one another! I know the Holy Spirit would be in our midst and we wouldn't be able to help it but to love on one another.

I know we tend to get off topic at times, okay a lot, but have you ever prepared a message, or have gone to minister with an agenda and the Holy Spirit takes over and says stuff that were not in your notes?

I love it when He does that! because its all about Him, not us! Oh that we would continue to decrease that He might increase in us in Jesus name.

Thanks for the prayers too!


David Fella

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