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okay brother stop nitpicking

So maybe she and he husband promote amother jesus, another gospel another holy spirit but so what? Her books and movies are fictitious representation of who they imagine God to be. (Sort of like most of today's preachers)

 2016/8/20 20:50

 Re: Loving the world and not Jesus is idolatry.

1 John 2:15
Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

love not the world.

 2016/8/20 23:36

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"Would you brothers consider the makers of this movie to be "the world"? And if so, wouldn't consuming and enjoying the world's entertainment (/propaganda) be considered "friendship" with it (in general)?

If not, what do you believe "friendship with the world" is/looks like?"

The internet that you are using to type in this forum is a worldly system created by pagans. It is used for great evil on a daily basis. Yet you, and me,and many other believers access it daily, seemingly with a clear conscience.

I am mature enough, I hope, to be able to watch a movie on its merits without delving 30 layers deep to find every non-christian or questionable christian who worked on the film. Similarly, I can certainly see the merits of great works of literature regardless of whether the author was a true Christian or not. Jesus apparently had some knowledge of Aesop and his fables.


 2016/8/21 1:07Profile


Amen, TMK.

Good night and sleep well.

 2016/8/21 1:21


Lord willing I hope to see this movie today. After I've seen it I will post a personal review. Please bear in mind this will be only my perceptions. Not a recommendation either way.

But right now I'm just going to approach this as good entertainment considering what comes out of Hollywood these days. At least I hope it will be good entertainment. If nothing else a good diversion to get out of the house on a Sunday morning.

I did see the original Ben Hur. I even read the book. I have to admit it will be hard to surpass Charlton Heston whether he's playing Moses or Ben Hur.

Simply my thoughts this early Sunday morning.

 2016/8/21 6:14


...Double Post...

 2016/8/21 6:14

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 Re: stubble


Thanks for contributing to the discussion on the movie in question. I appreciate your thoughts!

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This world is not my home anymore.



On what grounds do you equate "friendship" (philia) with "idolatry" (which is referred to as whoredom/harlotry and adultry in scripture)?

Just google: "Mark Burnett Roma Downey New Age"

here we go again...


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by Lysa on 2016/8/21 5:24:48


On what grounds do you equate "friendship" (philia) with "idolatry" (which is referred to as whoredom/harlotry and adultry in scripture)?

Just google: "Mark Burnett Roma Downey New Age"

here we go again...

Please explain what you are saying, if you would... Thanks.

~ Forrest

 2016/8/21 11:19Profile


I will say that Roma Downing's own self-stated testimony has very troubling issues in it for me like rubbing her grandmothers (or mothers?) rosaries beads and seeing visions of Mary, & if I remember right, a vision of an angel telling her something that was very Roman Catholic tradition-centric. Very troubling. And their Bible series had some weird issues & the Jesus portrayal in "Son of God" really didn't sit well in my spirit. Not that anyone knows exactly what he looked like or whatever, but he was a Jew from Israel, who grew up in the Galillee region, not a cool, handsome (scripture says he had no beauty that we should behold him), hippy surfer looking guy from Southern California. And the whole "you know what we are going to do Peter? We are going to change the world" just was weird (& those lines were added "artistic Liberty" obviously). I couldn't see it. Not me. Something didn't sit right.

However, I am willing to see Ben Hur IF they stuck to the historical story & didn't interject strange things into it that detract from the heart of the original story. But that's me. I don't judge those who don't see it for conscience sake or those who do for liberty's sake. I hope it's good & unbelivers think on Christ & seek out the truth because of it. But I don't naively preassume that will definitely be the case either. I'm hopeful, but "cautiously optimistic" at best.
God Bless,

 2016/8/21 11:47

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