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 Joel Richardson Interview With Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell is a reporter based out of Jerusalem who does stories on the Middle East. He has been in the Middle East for fifteen years and has traveled to some of the hot spots in Syria and Northern Iraq. He has done stories for CBN and 700 Club.

We had the honor of having him on one of our International Day of Prayer calls back in November 2015. I don't think I have ever heard anyone with quite the knowledge this brother has of the Middle East.

Below is a 30-minute interview by Joel Richardson with Chris Mitchell. Both of these brothers have an expert knowledge of things that are happening in the Middle East. The interview is 30 minutes long but well worth listening to.

This is not prophetic speculation. But observations by two brothers who have seen what God is doing as well as what the devil is doing in the Middle East.

One of the reasons I posted the video is that these two brothers say there is a continual need for prayer. This impacts me as I lead Persecution Watch. 90% if not more of our prayers are focused on the Middle East and the believers in that region.

May this video inform your prayers. Anyone wishing to join us on our prayer calls to pray for the persecuted. Please contact me at my email in my profile.


 2016/8/18 8:22

 Re: Joel Richardson Interview With Chris Mitchell

Good stuff Blaine. I met Chris in Jerusalem, & he spoke at the OneKing conference. A very neat brother indeed. I got his book on Israel, Iran, ISIS & the Middle East & my oldest boys are reading it. Definitely has his finger on the pulse of those realities. Chris Mitchell has been in Israel for decades with CBN news. Probably the most respected world news reporter on the area who has a believer's perspective.
God Bless,

 2016/8/18 9:14


Indeed brother. People like Chris Mitchell and Joel Richardson are raising an awareness in the western church of what is happening in the Middle East.

We cannot have this recliner mentality of popping up the leg rest, eating our popcorn, and seeing the persecutions unfold in the Middle East.

If anything we need to be on our knees beseeching God to strengthen our brothers and sisters who are coming under persecution. As well as calling for the global harvest of souls anong the Muslims.

Still would like to have you come on one of our calls and share about your recent experiences in Israel.

Drop me an e-mail when you think this might be possible bro. Maybe Greg will let me post that call on the forum here

Brother Blaine

 2016/8/18 10:44

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